Pretty sure Winter just skipped us this year…

You would have NO idea that Spring is still seven weeks away if you ventured on to my street.

The Japanese magnolias are in full force

And the azaleas are starting to pop out already too!

But it still looks like winter in some ways…

Except across the street at my neighbors, where the tulips are all bloomed out already!
Here’s a bunch of “faux” flowers in a jar I found at Goodwill a while back.  This arrangement makes me smile.

And here’s a favorite birdie which normally sits on my kitchen windowsill but I brought him outside for a bit to take his picture.  He’s singing. πŸ˜‰

And the latest camellias in a turquoise Ball jar I also scored at GW!  Who gets rid of that?!? I just love the colors together.
I decked the house out for Valentine’s today while the kids were at school. They were surprised and happy when they got home.  And I was so happy to get this wreath for 4 bucks at a local thrift shop – saw a similar one at Target today for five times that much!



  1. Stunning. Breath-taking, really.

  2. That tulip is so pretty! We have snow on the ground, but the temps for us have been above freezing (which is great)! I am ready for some sun and color and warmer temps too!

  3. Love these gorgeous pics!

  4. Gorgeous! Love all those fresh colors and those Japanese Magnolias are divine!!
    Great captures πŸ˜‰

  5. So pretty! I can’t wait til real Spring gets there, imagine how gorgeous it’d be then!

  6. You have flowers? I’m envious! Although, I can’t complain. Here in Minnesota, we had 40+ degree weather yesterday. Not bad, not bad at all.

  7. Elaine!

    These are all just amazing pictures! Your work gets better and better! Way to go…

  8. What lovely images. I even like the artificial flowers, which must be a first :-)
    Good blue jar that. Great for arranging.

  9. This post is just full of pretty stuff! I love that little blue bird, and what a find in that wreath! So pretty! Our azaleas are blooming already too. What happened to winter??

  10. It totally missed us too. There is still a chance we might get snow but, not a big chance.

  11. Flowers? Green grass? Yes, I think I remember what these things look like…. great shots! :-)

  12. Love that birdie. And GW bargains! =>

  13. It is supposed to be chilly next week. Just be forewarned.

  14. Oh those are gorgeous!!!! I so wish they could survive here- I would have them all over the place.

  15. Beautiful!!!! I especially like bluebird!

  16. The pastel flowers in the vase…gorgeous!

  17. This weather is insane! Love your wreath, too!

  18. such beautiful flowers!

  19. Gorgeous photos…you are just too good.

    It was up to 78 here today. I’m dying because I’m not ready to put my boots and turtle-necks away.

  20. Wow! So many amazing images! I love the jar and the heart wreath and the little bird! Basically, I love them all. Wonderful job with these!

  21. Gorgeous and in February?! My mind can’t even process this πŸ˜‰

  22. Here too. We’ve got tulips and jonquils blooming already!

  23. The flowers are so pretty! It’s been warm in PA the last few days, but not enough to make flowers bloom. Very jealous of where your at!