Park It!

The last people we saw on our travels for the Thanksgiving holidays were my brother, Larry and his family.  They were in Houston visiting my SIL’s family so we met up at Discovery Green and the kids ran around like wild banshees.  It’s a really neat park right in the middle of downtown Houston.

There were LARGE balls hanging from trees…

And fountains in which to get sorta wet.

There were neat views of parts of downtown…

And six crazy kids!

The playscape was really cool! I’m not sure if you can tell but that’s sorta of a trampoline on the right, past the slide. It was made out of weaved together vinyl or something like that. Pretty cool!

There was also some hill rolling… 

And Kay Kay carrying. Just as I predicted.

But we had to say good bye because it was time to go home…

And then the sun set on our trip and this what we saw about an hour before we finally returned to our house…

Ready to unpack, do laundry and go back on our diet. :)


  1. That looks like a super awesome child’s dream place!!

  2. Your trip sounds completely lovely. xo

  3. That looks like an awesome place for everybody. Love the square color wall.

  4. Go back on the diet (chuckle), boy can I relate to that one!

    I love the pictures – so cheerful and colorful. It’s funny to see everyone wearing summer clothes.

  5. That place looks awesome! I wish there was a really cool park newar us.