Only 2 Weeks Away!

So… I had an appointment this morning and we were given a date for the c-section and it’s exactly 2 weeks from today – Tuesday, May 15th. It was kind of funny when Tim and I both realized that it was so soon, but trust me, I know I am pretty much ready. Some people have requested to see a picture of the “belly” so here’s a shot of my “bigness!”

I am feeling pretty good, just tired and somewhat like a waddling duck.

Ben seems to be warming up to the idea of playing the role of brother more now and Tim even put the baby seat in the CR-V over the weekend and now Ben sees it in the car and wants to touch it every time he gets in. He is talking more about being a big brother (in a good way) so hopefully he’s changed his attitude somewhat. Now, we’ll just have to see what actually happens in a couple of weeks!

Please keep all of us in your prayers as the big day quickly approaches. We are very excited to welcome our new addition SOON!

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