On the Fourth of the Fourth Month

And so it goes that I did not get a picture of my kids on the third but yet again, the fourth of the month.  The universe must be trying to tell me we need a dog or something (since you know, no mo babies are comin’ outta this lady…).  Plus I was completely distracted yesterday (4/3) by all the tornado news in Texas, in the town where we used to live so… yeah, THAT.

We are headed to my parents’ in Texas for the Easter break (the kids have 3 days off from school) and I’ve been missing my HOME state quite a bit lately so I am very excited to hug my main peeps (no Easter candy pun intended) and see my family.

It should be some good down time, you know, after 7ish hours in the car by myself with the children (don’t worry Tim will be riding back to LA with us…) and a taste of my Daddy’s barbecue always does a body good.

Sorry about my excessive use of parentheses today.

Peeps Out!
(sorry, I just had to!)

see the bug?? 


  1. Oh the chocolate all over K’s face is priceless! As are having more than one good photo with all three of your kiddos in it – Well done!

    And the blooming flowers are so pretty!

  2. Ooh nice pictures! I like how your eldest looks so big brotherly there.

    Have a good trip!

  3. I just love your photos!

    Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Those are good looking kids. Drive safe!!

  5. Looks like I see one happy little girl with her bucket filled with goodies!!

    Great shots my friend.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at your parents. Sounds like dinner will be worth the drive! Yummy…

  6. They are SO darling! Happy Easter!

  7. Welcome back to Texas.

  8. Have fun in Texas! And I don’t think you can ever have too many parenthesis. :)

  9. Cute shots. And yes I saw the bug. Happy waster!

  10. They’re so stinkin’ cute! Save travels, friend!

    Hoppy Easter (sorry, I had to do that, too…lol!)

  11. Sweet pics! Enjoy your trip and have a Happy Easter 😉

  12. They are so big!! Adorable!!


  13. Love the photos, this archiving, and that closing! Hee! Too funny!


  14. Love the pics- hope you all have a glorious Easter!

  15. Happy Easter, Elaine! :) Enjoy Home sweet Home.

  16. These shots are too cute! (And I laughed out loud at your ‘no more babies’ line…I’ve uttered those words myself. haha)

  17. Have a good time in Texas. My mouth is drooling at the thought of BBQ.

  18. I love that picture of the flower with the kids playing in the background. My husband would know the name of the flower, but I’m not him!

  19. Oh, I hope you ate some delicious Texas BBQ for me!