Okay Fine, I Am Paying Attention Now!!

Sometimes I think we all need a little “wake up call.” I’m gonna go ahead and call that little questionaire I had to answer at G’s 18 month well check, my latest one. Either I was just kind of “asleep” when it came to observing his development or our little guy decided that he was going to bust out with his best stuff since then. ‘Cause you know what? After watching him like a hawk these last several days, there is NO problem with this toddler.
The people that would potentially come and evaluate him have yet to call me back (more than likely because of the holidays) but I don’t really care if they ever do. I have half a mind to call them off and tell them my boy is fine and they can scratch us off their list.
Here’s the run-down of what the hubs and I have observed since that emotional day almost two weeks ago:
He involves us many times by coming to us and then taking our hand and holding it while leading us to wherever he wants to go. It’s so cute, his entire little hand wrapped around my index finger. Once we get to his destination he’s usually pretty good about helping us to figure out whatever he wants to show us.
Also, he’s talking – Oh my Golly! The “talking!”
*Before nap today he made all the animal sounds in Sandra Boynton’s “Moo, Baa, La La La.” He also turns the pages.
*He calls The B man’s name A LOT (Beh!, Beh!) and today they started a game where The B man says “Are ya comin’?” and he quickly retorts “NO!” and then they both laugh.
*Tonight he went and got his blankets that he sleeps with, went to Tim and said “nigh, nigh.” In other words, he was ready for bed.
Those are just all things from TODAY.
He’s playing like a mad man with his (and “Beh’s”!) new Christmas toys and brings me whichever book he wants me to read. Yesterday he created a really long train on the train table and was SO happy with himself.
I decided to start to introduce the potty to him this week and he goes over to their bathroom and points to it and utters something that I can’t quite make out, but it’s always the same sound. When I ask him if he wants to sit on it he says his new favorite word, “No!” But with my help he sat on it twice today. Nothing came out but he was so happy with himself and said “bye bye” to the non existant contents while looking into the bowl! : )
Tim and I have been going on for days now about how we just don’t think there is an issue. And all of our friends and family that have been around G since infancy were flabbergasted to think there might even be a problem.
So what do y’all think? {feel free to go on about how smart and cute the little guy is! ; )} I can tell you one thing for sure… I promise I will pay more attention in the future for ALL of our sakes (and my heart’s!)

(G taking a break from playing “Superheroes” with big brother…)



  1. The boy is a genius! I mean look at the cape, he’s a clearly a Supermommy fan 😉 Glad your mind and your is at ease now.

  2. Again, I will say this: Had there been a problem, I truly believe you would have known deep down when the doctor said something. BUT, the kid is smart. And gorgeous! I love blonde little boys, cutest ever!!!

    And truthfully, I just think everyone is WAYYY too diagnostically happy with autism, adhd, etc etc. We are too quick to label kids…and it is really hard thing to diagnose because we are all so different. I am glad that we are more aware of these problems to help children that do need it. ( I think I am sensitive to this now because my co-worker just finished seeing all the doctors, evaluators and such for her little girl who’s 5..and she’s fine too…just needs a little speech therapy.)

    I am happy that you are feeling so much better about this!

    Happy New year!

  3. It sounds to me like he is doing great! I would trust your instincts.

    He is just adorable!

  4. Oh Elaine, this makes my day! And also? I KNEW IT! I can just tell that he is a perfectly healthy, normal little boy and as I have told you 1000 times, he reminds me so much of my Kamden!

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

    And could he be ANY cuter? Really?

    I don’t think so!

  5. He sounds like a normal little 18 month old to me. Oh yah, he is super cute too.

    Just now catching up, glad you had a good Christmas and I will continue to pray for your family…

  6. I am new to your blog, but understand, we had and have the same thing with our little girl. Every time I take her to the doc. he gives a time line of what she should achive and it seems like a week before that time she starts doing the entire list of stuff.
    I am happy that stress is over for you and he dose seem really smart!

  7. I’m sorry you were so stressed out, but I’m glad the outcome is good. he is such a cutie…love the “cape”….he sounds like a genius to me!

  8. I have been thinking of you lots, so glad that you feel more at ease and I do think that a mom knows, you are the one with the child day in and day out and if there was something wrong, you would have an inkling, long before a doctor saw anything.
    Plus he is adorable and brilliant!

  9. He sounds perfectly fine to me, developmentally speaking. I think the medical community it too anxious to diagnose kids with everything these days. Your boys are so handsome and smart. Let your heart be light.

  10. He is FINE.

    And brilliant, to boot.


  11. So I’ve called in the top doctor in the area to evaluate this case: Dr. McMommy.

    Dr. McMommy has reviewed your file and would like to give you her findings:

    a.) Little G is the CUTEST 18 month old ever!!!!

    b.) He has nothing the matter with him!

    Thank you that will be $3000 please.

  12. Hi………
    Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
    Great! Keep posting
    Good week………
    ” A Happy New Year”

  13. Oh, Elaine…. he is so smart and cute and parenting is a roller coaster, no?

  14. Sounds to me like he is talking a lot more than my Joe and Ben were when they were 18 months old. And now I can’t get them to shut their little traps! 😉
    Those questionaires are meant to capture such a wide range of “possibilities” that you really need to trust your gut more. He sounds fabulous to me!
    What wonderful news! :)

  15. I’m with the crowd here. I think deep down you would feel it. He is adorable:)

  16. I just want to give you a big hug. I think all Mom’s go through a little bit of anxiety about our children’s developments. I had to stop reading that book (Your Baby the First Year) because my son was like a month behind for so much stuff. And I started feeling bad about myself, almost like I wasn’t doing it right. (And I’m a first time Mom, so it’s easy to think htat) And even now, he does some things different than other kids, but I try not to worry. I am so happy that you have been reassured.

  17. Yea for Gavin!!!! Such wonderful news to hear that things are probably just fine. Autism is the hot diagnosis lately. They have even added another “well-check up” at 30 months (this is new since our oldest boys have been born) because of it. I know for us it was such a change to go from the oldest who talked so early and so clearly to the second that is just now coming into his language at 27 months. Which sounds very similar to your situation too. So good news….I’d call ECI and tell them not to bother coming.

  18. I think this is a good idea and you should cont to use your blog as a daily journal of all he does for the next few weeks/months just so you can then cut and copy and print it out to show the docs. When your on the spot its hard to remember everything, so you would have it and I know, I am never board hearing cute little sweet kidlet stories.

  19. So glad things are going well you had me scared but you know what you can handle anything!!! I wish the best to you and your family in 2009 Happy New Year!

  20. Honestly Elaine, I agree with you – there’s nothing wrong with that little guy! If something had been wrong, your mommy sense would have told you. Stuff like that usually doens’t just come out of the blue, there’s some inkling of concern beforehand. I’m glad your mind is at peace. Give that sweet boy a hug for me!

  21. Seems like he is just perfect to me…why, oh why do doctors like to stress us out so much????

  22. How stressful this has all been for you! I’m with the majority, you would “know” or have questions in your mind about something being “off”. I have a friend that has an autistic son, I could see something because I worked at a preschool so long; but I never said anything because at the same time I’m not a professional. I just prayed for her family. He was finally diagnosed with Autism and he is doing really well. All that to say that when we talked about it after the fact, she said she had felt in her heart that there may be something not right but didn’t want to believe it.

    Everything I see in pictures and read in your posts lead me to see a happy healthy little boy.

    Have a very Happy New Year!!

  23. He sounds perfect to me!

    Like I’ve said before, little G reminds me SOOO MUCH of Caden! When they are so physically active, the language part tends to lag behind a little. Caden’s always been on the lower end of normal for language, just barely meeting the milestones. But, language development and Autism are two totally different things…Like Caden, little G seems to be very social with those he knows well…happy, giggly..etc. That is the part to be more concerned with than the language….but, he sounds like he’s doing just fine with both! 10 words is all they need by 18 months, 50 by 2 years…I think he’s well on track! So glad he’s shown you he’s ok!