Off the cuff…

When my alarm went off this (Thursday) morning I thought a police siren woke me up.

That’s how out of it I was.  SO tired.  For a specific reason that I am sure once a month many of you can relate to.


I got up and made the kids breakfast (popped frozen things in the toaster), made their lunches (even a Christmas-tree shaped sandwich, GO ME!), and drove the boys to school.  When I returned from drop-off I climbed back into bed while Tim got ready for work and K watched t.v. on the floor in our bedroom.

I went in and out of consciousness while she watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I do remember peeling a “cutie” for her and discussing whether or not she would actually go IN to her gym class this a.m.  I also remember hearing a lot of “Hey Tooooo-dles!”

(An aside: She REFUSED to go in to gym class last week and we came right back home and she took a 2.5 hour nap.)

At 10:10 she crawled up on the bed with me and said, “Mommy, I promise, promise, PROMISE to go into class today.”  You know the class that started at 10:45.

So I sprang from the bed and took the fastest shower known to man, put on my 2.5 minute make-up face, grabbed a nut bar thingy breakfast and took off in the “van that can” in a flash.

We were only 3 minutes late.

And she did go into class. The entire time and did great.

And the whole time I dreamed of a peppermint mocha that I never got.

After an unhealthy lunch from a local fast food place, she took a good nap while I edited photos and putzed around on the internet and “vegged”.

After the boys got home from school we finished up homework and ate snacks and I filled out a few more Christmas card addresses.

Oh, and I still do not have stamps for these cards  Getting to the D.A.M.N. post office is like an act of Congress.  Or worse, especially since they usually only have one person working in there at a time.  I found the ONE other post office in town and when I went by with “just enough time” to buy stamps they were closed for lunch.  NO wonder people hardly mail anything these days…

I’m feeling a tad run down, and bah-humbug-ish so who wants to cheer me up?

Tell me joke, send me a Christmas present, give me your favorite holiday recipe.  Whatever you think will get me there, I’ll take it.

Are you in the Christmas spirit?  How was YOUR day?

p.s. I did make healthy, veggie-filled chicken stir-fry for dinner to make up for lunch. Sort of.


  1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get past dreaming of fast food… ;-) I am in the Christmas spirit for sure, the problem is, I’m SO in the spirit that I have over committed myself to all these dang DIYs. My hands! My hands have gone numb from the tying and gluing and cutting! Argh!

  2. I have no solution, just commiserations. :)

  3. Yeah, Mama. I hear ya. Wanna hear something (not so) funny? This morning (as usual) my boys tore their room apart while waiting for their alarm to go off (oh and I’m pretty sure they were up before 6am so i had to go in and tell them to go back to bed). Included in this “room tearing apart” business was a wet floor. When I asked Jude why it was wet, he explained to me that Noah had thought it would be a good idea to pee into a box on the floor. Excellent.
    What is it with boys and peeing wherever the hell they want? I should start a blog called “The Urine Chronicles”. For reals.
    Happy Friday, friend. :) (PS Some day I’m going to road trip to visit you and we’ll get our crazy families together for some good old fashioned crazy-fun.)

  4. I won’t be much help but misery loves company right? Kamden is currrently home from school for the 4th day in a row with an unexplained headache.


    Headaches in kids scare the living hell out of me.


    I am right there with ya on the bah humbug part of things.


  5. My Kroger sells stamps, and I ordered the fifty million ones I needed for my wedding from the USPS website! I’m always at work when the Post Office, Bank, Etc. are open, so I feel your pain!!

  6. Oh yeah. Been there.
    I’ve been SO TIRED lately. I suppose it would help if I went to bed once in a while. ;)
    I don’t have any jokes for ya but I did post The 12 Pains of Christmas on my blog today, and that ALWAYS makes me laugh. :)

  7. I’m not so sure I can cheer you up. I’m too jealous about the whole going back to bed thing.