NOT my best moment(s)

Sometimes I feel the pull of life more than the push.  This week I feel like I’ve been pulled every which way, while trying to push myself.  But it all feels like pulling.  Does that make sense?

Despite finding my the kids’ new favorite show, “Good Luck Charlie” and a little “me” time on Tuesday morning, it has not been our best days.

A certain almost-22-month-old I know and love has had a rough “go” of it in the nap department lately and has cried herself to sleep every day this week.  I shifted her nap a little later since I had to pick up the boys from VBS at noon every day.  But she also would NOT sleep for the sitter on Tuesday morning.  What’s up? I have no idea.

I hollered at the boys at lunch time because they were nagging for dessert before they were even done with their meal.  And they do this A LOT.  Perhaps it’s my fault for indulging them too many times in the past.  Perhaps it’s just because they are kids and well, anything with sugar in it is quite tasty (don’t remind me, I haven’t had any this week!) and I can’t blame them for wanting it.  But I also superduper loathe the nagging.  I mean, could you please just CHEW that last piece of sandwich and swallow it before you ask me 100 times for a cookie? Please?

And also?

I walked out of VBS drop off without K this morning.  Yep, uh huh.  You read that right.

Blame it on the fact that she walked in on her own (when I usually carry her), or that it’s kinda crazy with all the people around dropping off their kids too.  Or the fact that I had the sitter one morning and reverted back there in my mind.  Or perhaps it is because thoughts in my mind sometimes go like this:

“Must return library books. And renew ones online that I forgot to return. Ooh! I need to marinate the pork for dinner! What colors do I want to paint the picture frames Dad gave me?  Do I need to sign the boys up for soccer already? Do I still have coffee in my mug?  What time is it?…”

I’ve tried to rationalize it in my head but the fact of the matter is, I left her for a few moments. And I was distracted.

I realized what I’d done after I saw an acquaintance in the parking lot and she asked if both boys were in VBS this time.  As I said yes, I realized I DID NOT HAVE!!! my 3rd child with me.  I was mortified.  She was shocked.  I could tell by her face. I ran back…

I was away from K for less than a minute but it didn’t matter. I shouldn’t have left her.  I was upset with myself.  When I got back to the lobby she was in the sweet hands of a couple of cute teenage girls who were VBS helpers, and smiling.  But it didn’t matter (alreadysaidthat,Iknow).  I felt horrible. And embarrassed.

I mean, who does THAT?!?!

Me, apparently.

Of course after thinking about it A LOT I figured I wasn’t the first or the only parent to ever do this.  Does it make it any better that I did?  Of course not but I also have to remember that I am human and sometimes I make mistakes.

I just hope I never make one like that again.

And I pray this week gets better.  Right now.

Now here’s a picture because it cheers me up…

And yes, I kept very close tabs her all the rest of the day and as far as I know, she’s currently safe and asleep in her crib…

And no, I have NO idea how she got so big or her hair got so long…


  1. Oh sweet friend, what I love the most about this is your transparency and honesty. We should all be this way because let’s just face it- some days are like that.

    They just are.

    Remember that book “Alexander & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day?”

    His mom was right- it’s like that even in Australia. :)

    Love you girl and no sweat off your back for this one!

    In fact wine for everyone in TWO weeks!!


  2. Elaine! My aunt & uncle left their 5th child at a funeral. They drove 1 hours home before they realized what they had done & then had to drive back!

    One time my mom left her 4th & 5th kids at my aunt’s house one time before she realized she had left him.

    That stuff happens! Don’t beat yourself up over it!

    I’m sorry you had a rough week! I hope next week is better for you! Get some chocolate! It makes everything better!

  3. I have read a few posts about forgetting a child for a few minutes. We all make mistakes like that, please don’t beat yourself up over :) Bad days and even bad weeks happen. I hope your weekend makes up for it.

    Also, the nagging for dessert before they are even half done their dinner? Drives. Me. Nuts!

  4. Oh, sweetie! This stuff happens. Don’t beat yourself up over it. This week has just been awful, all around. It’s been torture for me too. At least tomorrow is Friday!

    Have some wine, eat some chocolate and get a foot rub. It makes everything better! :)

  5. I am so sorry you had one of those days. I think we all have days like that :(

    If it makes you feel better, I WISH I could have left my 18 month old in the store the other day when he refused to leave and eventually had to be carried out like a football (a wriggly, screaming football.) Ok, not really, but oh, it was a pain.

  6. Oh babe, we have all done things like that. I will dm you with the DOOZY that I don’t dare type in public :) xoxoxo

  7. Awww. I hate those kinds of days. I hope tomorrow is MUCH better.

    My parents left my brother at a gas station once. And it took them a while to figure it out. Oops. It is actually not uncommon at all. They put it in a movie (probably many) for goodness sakes (Little Miss Sunshine)! Go easy on yourself.

    OH MY WORD Little Baby K looks more like Little Girl K now. How did that happen? Soooooo cute!

  8. Oh hon. Hugs to you. It can happen so easily.

  9. Must I remind you that even Mary & Joseph left Jesus?? At the temple. hey – church is the best place to leave a kid if you’ve gotta forget them!

  10. Oh hun. News Alert….YOU ARE NORMAL!
    Have I ever told you about the time I lost middle child at a water park……?????????

  11. Man, we are all human and stuff like this happens to us all!! Don’t beat yourself up!!!

  12. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve forgotten to pick Cady up from dance? Way more than one. Cut yourself some slack.

  13. You have to realize that you are a SUCH an incredible mother, you truly, truly are. And the fact that you’re writing about this rough day you had – even leaving your daughter behind for a mere moment – shows how much you care and how much it affected you. Look at the things you have to do in a day… all things for your family. Don’t be hard on yourself. I work full-time and STILL yell at my boys A LOT. I lose my patience, snap at them, etc. We are all human… and you shouldn’t feel bad about this! You’re a great mama. xo

  14. Do not beat yourself up over this. These things happen to the best of us. She was okay and you realized before you even left the parking lot. It’s okay.

  15. We all do stuff like this sooner or later. The fact that you’re beating yourself up shows you’re a conscientious mom. Being a mom is a tough job–cut yourself some slack.

  16. Trust me! You are not the only parent to leave your child! I’ve done it with all of my kids at least once! Did I feel bad? YES! but they survived and didn’t know the difference cause they were being entertained!

    It is certainly better than the time my Dad left me at McDonalds on the play area while he went home! It wasn’t till he got home and my Mom asked where I was that he realized he had forgotten me!! Funny thing, I didn’t even know he was gone cause I was playing!!

    Hope your weekend is great and next week is even better!!

  17. A co-worker once forgot one of his four kids at church and didn’t realize it until he was halfway home and one of the other kids asked where he was. Also, my cousin’s wife got to a birthday party and discovered that she had left one of her twin boys still sitting in the infant carrier in the living room! Her then four year old didn’t say a word about his missing brother on the entire trip there. You’re not alone, and at least you figured it out before you left.

  18. I think it happens to the best of us. VBS is crazy, and changing up the routine messes with us (and nap time)….it’s just crazy.

    Glad you remembered before you left the church:)

  19. I haven’t forgotten one of my kids anywhere…yet, but I have put them in the car and forgot to buckle them. Once we got all the way from my house to daycare when i realized Nate hadn’t been buckled. I felt like the worst mom ever.

  20. Oh, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a terrible week. You know, lots of people leave their children accidentally – many for more than a minute or two! I know you felt bad, but she was clearly okay and not traumatized. It’s so hard when we have so much on our minds to keep everything at the forefront. Next week is a new week! :)

  21. My mom left me at a park once. My two older brother had soccer and when it was over they were crabby and hot and she got them in the car and got the drinks and was about to pull the car away but my middle brother Daniel kept saying “Mom”…”Mom”… and finally she said “WHAT!!!” and he said, “You forgot Susan”…. Ugh. I survived.

  22. You too? I swear I am having a summer like that.


  23. I think all of us have done something like that. Don’t beat yourself up!
    We all have rough days (or weeks…). I told my kids last week that they were turning me into a nag because they never pick up after themselves so all I do is nag at them!

  24. I’m sorry it has been rough. And no matter how true it is that we are not the first parents to make that kind of mistake, it still hurts like we are the only ones. I hope your weekend is peaceful friend.

  25. I know how you feel, I think we’ve all done stuff like that. Hope your week improves!

    Your daughter is gorgeous! Looking at her would cheer me up too.

  26. Yeah it happens to the best of us. And the rest of us too. She’s safe. You feel the requisite amount of mom guilt. And, she knows you love her and so do we!

  27. Super big {{{HUGS}}} to you, Elaine! We all have these moments in life where it just feels like everything is weighing down on us. I had one not too long ago, but thankfully I left that bout in the dust.

    One of my aunt’s best friends left her youngest boy at home when he was about 3. She didn’t realize until she was down the road though. And, while it was easy then to try to judge her (awful, I know), it’s easy now to see how busy we all are with life and how easily it can be done!

    Yes, you do need to pay attention, but yes, you’re right, you ARE human. She’s safe. She’s happy. And, you’re a wonderful mother, I’m certain!

  28. Oh, we’ve all done something similar, it helps to know we’re not alone and I know you’re thankful that it was truly a harmless event! All is ok. :)


  29. Totally know those days. Okay, sometimes I have weeks that go like that, but hey :)

    Hoping this week is way better for you! And holy adorableness is K a cutie or what?! Love this pic!