Not Me Monday, 6th Edition

Welcome to another Monday and my list of Not Me’s. “Not Me” Monday is the brainchild of Mckmama.

I don’t have a lot this week (and that’s the truth!) because I’ve been pretty sick and just a hot mess lately. But here’s a few…

I did NOT call the plumber finally about that toilet. I did NOT freak a little when the guy had to remove the ENTIRE toilet from the floor to find the problem. I did NOT laugh very loudly when he said to me “It’s some kind of action figure” and then I did NOT cackle when he announced from the bathroom “Well M’am, it’s a Diego.” I do NOT wish I had a picture of the look on my face when he asked me if I wanted to keep said Diego. Uh… no thanks.

I did at NO time this week wish that I was already more like 12 or 13 weeks pregnant so that I didn’t have this horrible nausea. And I mean horrible.

I did NOT spend the entire weekend without leaving my house because I’ve also had the cold from “you know where” that will NOT go away (that last part is true…) I DID not wish that I could go shopping for new clothes and shoes for the blogger dinner that I am co-hosting next weekend instead.

I did NOT respond to almost EVERY comment left on my post about the fact that I was pregnant. Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments!

I did NOT go to Whataburger on Thursday while the kids were at school and get a chicken finger basket. I did NOT eat every. last. french fry in the box because that would NOT be good for me and the child growing inside.

I was NOT thrilled to meet up with my friend Ellen from college (we reconnected through Facebook) and her boys for a playdate on Friday. Yay for Facebook!

I did NOT freak out a little when my husband called me yesterday, after taking Little G for a haircut, and said, “Well, the good news is, the haircut was free…” Uh oh. (p.s. it actually wasn’t that bad…)

I am NOT currently looking at the sad, dying flowers that are still in a vase on my table from Valentine’s Day. Of course I’ve thrown them out by now! Geez!

K, that’s all. Guess I had more to say than orginally thought. Peace.



  1. The plumber knew who Diego was! LOL! (I almost just woke up my husband!)

    What-a-burger? Shut your mouth girl! Colorado has no idea what a What-a-burger is, and how it can change your life. 😉

    I am so glad I will be in Ft Worth on Friday!

  2. Ok 1st of all I LOVE that you ended your post with “peace”! You crack me up!!

    2nd of all.. I REALLY miss What-a-burger! mm… chicken fingers….

    3rd of all, I REALLY wish I could be at this blogger dinner next weekend! Remind me why I go to school in MO!?

  3. Oh goodness, the plumber story is a little too funny…sorry!
    I had the WORST nausea for the first 4 months with both of my GIRLS…maybe your having a girl!?! :)
    Im hoping it passes soon for ya.

  4. You crack me up with the french fry thing! LOL!

  5. What is Whataburger? It sounds FANTASTIC! I need to go google it, and wish that we had them here. Seriously- Ohio…What are you good for? Wendy’s? sigh.

    Hope you start feeling better soon! This is the roughest part of being prego…and I HATE it! I am not looking forward to doing it again!

  6. These were awesome and had me laughing out loud at work! LOL Love it!

  7. I hadn’t stopped by in awhile and just read that your expecting…Congratultions! Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday (I’ll be the tipsy chatty girl with Leslie)…

  8. LOL! The part about Diego is hilarious!

    Maybe since you’re so nauseous it will be a girl this time! :-)

    Have you thought of any names yet?

  9. Holy moly…everyone is pregnant! Congratulations!
    Poor Diego, what’s he doing living in your toilet?

  10. Oh the Diego story, that is classic, I love it! It seems to be some kind of action figure…snort!


  11. OH MY GOSH!! Diego in the toilet! LOL!

    Sorry about your nausea…I feel for ya!

    And, I have bad news…I can’t make it to the dinner!! I realized how totally unrealistic it was for me to consider doing that…I don’t know if I will even have my makeup unpacked by Saturday! I’m soooo sad I’m going to miss it…there needs to be LOTS of pictures and I guess we will all have to try to get together another time soon!

  12. I just threw my flowers out yesterday. What was even sadder than the state of the flowers was the fact that I didn’t even notice how rotten they had become. All I saw, was a over the top messy table, and a bunch of red at the top. I finally cleaned that mess up, but it makes me wonder if that’s where all these little bugs are coming from! Gross!

  13. My husband took the boys to their haircut once. It should have been free. And it won’t happen again.

  14. I hope your nausea passes soon. There’s nothing worse. Hang in there.

  15. Oh, the Diego story got me! I can imagine that happening here at my house. Thank goodness the plumber didn’t ask Diego’s owner if he wanted him back!!! Great list!

    My latest post: Monday Moment

  16. “Hot mess” cracked me up because someone referred to that with me being sick last week :)

  17. I laughed so hard at the diego story! LOL That was funny!

    So sorry you are so sick. Been there done that three times!

  18. Im sorry to hear you was ill I hate having the cold

    I am starting a new post on the 12th of march called – Honor them Thursday – and I am looking for as many people to take part as possible. it will have mr linky so your person of honor can be seen by the world. it’s a chance to honor the people you love wether it’s your mom or dad or you partner or your child or one of your your friends or maybe some one has inspierd you. Honor them and say thankyou. I hope you will join in

  19. I’m impressed the plumber even knew who Diego was…I can’t imagine that you didn’t want to keep him! Sorry you are so nauseated….I’m now 11 weeks and it’s getting better for me now…so not much longer til you start improving…

  20. I have so done the Whataburger thing. Or even worse, just rolled through the drive-thru, with the kids, but only purchased something for myself. Selfish much?

    Looking forward to Saturday!

  21. Oh I feel so bad for the peeps that don’t know what a Whataburger is!…oh, and add a fried apple pie to my order, please :)

    Your post had me smiling and laughing! Thanks!

  22. oh friend so very sorry to hear you are not feeling well…

    can i send soup?

  23. Action figures in the toilet… that’s probably something I get to look forward to since I have two boys!

    You are hilarious. Hope you feel better soon!

  24. Oh my goodness. I love your Not Me Monday posts! :)

  25. So sorry you’ve been feeling so rotten!! It’ll all be SO worth it in another 7 months!!

    I did NOT just giggle at every single one of your NOT ME’s….okay, maybe I did. Especially Mr. Diego.

  26. I was cracking up almost the whole time I was reading this.

    I could relate to the cold, and whats wrong with fries for you and the baby =) Diego, well, enough said…

    Hope you start to feel better soon.