Newborns are From Heaven (but a tad hard to photograph)

My good friend here in town had her third baby boy a few days before Christmas and he is just the sweetest thing.  But then aren’t all babies, fresh from Heaven?  Oh yes, they SO are.

You may remember I took some maternity shots for her several weeks ago (scroll down to bottom of post).  Anyway, we gave it the ole college try at some newborn shots the other morning (my first go at it!!) and we got a few good ones despite the fact that he was a tired little one.

I already love him but then I love the whole family so… :)

And I totally understand if this made you want to have more (or some) babies because it did me too but I am SO DONE!

Happy weekend all!


  1. Such sweetness … those lips.
    Good thing i am too old to be birthing babies πŸ˜‰

    Fab post over at Kir’s today – just lovely!

  2. Such absolute sweetness!!! Love the 2nd one!!!

  3. Elaine, you are very talented, great shots!

    And he is such a sweet baby. Look at those eyes.

  4. Wow! These are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful photos!
    This certainly does make me ache to hold my little one!

  6. He is adorable. Love those little lips.

    But no, it does not make me want to have another baby.

  7. So dang sweet.

  8. Great photos! Love the lighting!

    It actually doesn’t make me want more. Weird. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t snuggle the little fellow!


  9. Yep. I want more babies. Thanks a lot. πŸ˜‰

    Beautiful shots!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Totally makes me think I want another.

  11. Great job, Elaine!! I’m so excited for you (and proud of you!).

    Lots of love!!!!

  12. Oh I melt. Great shots Elaine.

  13. He is a precious doll.

  14. Oh that first picture is awesome!! And tired and newborns is what you want, I shot a newborn that was awake the whole time once- you just can’t pose them like you want if they are awake.
    Great job and I am sure she loves them!

  15. Ohmygoodness! Those teeny tiny features – swoon!

  16. These are really cute! I only did one newborn shoot and I don’t plan on any more. You are right. They are hard to do.

  17. They are all excellent photos – but the first one and the last one I just love, love, love!

  18. What a sweetie! Great shots, Elaine!

  19. so sweet :)

  20. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how precious. I am so DONE too though!

  21. You did a great job! What an absolute cutie!

  22. Elaine! You did a fabulous job, honey!

    So, so sweet. And you aren’t making it any easier for me to convince myself that we are done having babies around here :)