Nap Talk (and a cutie-patootie video)

So, one of the last things my last baby has yet to outgrow is the NAP.  K is quickly approaching 3 and half years old (shiz, how did THAT, happen!?!) and her brothers both stopped napping a little after 3 years old so this is kinda foreign to me.  She’s still going pretty strong and on the days she does not have one?  I can tell (like, ohmygoshdon’tmesswiththetoddler!!!).  So, I still put her down for a nap on the days that she does not stay at school until 2:30.

(there’s always one of those)

She’s starting to protest and delay and want me to be with her WAY too long before she actually gives in and conks out.

So, today I decided I would just go with it and we made a little video (before she did actually pass out, finally!)

Gah, I do love her little voice… as did a lady in the ladies room at Jason’s today.  We never even saw her but from her bathroom stall she said, ‘Oh, her little voice is so cute!!”   Because you know, three-year olds also like to talk the entire time they are going tee tee.  Or the other…

People crack me up.

p.s. sorry for my three chins.  Laying down is NOT my best angle…

So, at what age did your kids stop napping?  Or, what age do you hope they will nap until?  Also, kinda wishing I could take a nap every day…


  1. I actually exclaimed out loud, AWWWW, when she said I love you.
    She is soo cute, and I do love her voice!

  2. So, so cute. And you’re right, the little voice! It is like gold. Thank goodness we have videos to capture those sweet little voices.

    SUCH a sweet video! :)

  3. Ooh, I love her!

  4. This is so sweet! She’s a little mini-you.

    Our son is five, and though he doesn’t nap at school, most weekends he still takes a nap. Yay for naps!

  5. Oh you two are adorable together! Love!

    {And E? My kids still rest/nap as do I! Love me anyway?!}