My Space & Miss Elaine-ous Monday

Last week you all saw the desk that I cleaned up and out.  Since then I acquired a new BFF (also known as a new laptop, and no, it’s not from the apple family, don’t start) and two photography actual, legitimate paying customers.  So… I decided that I needed to sit at said desk instead of parking my hiney on the sofa while blogging, tweeting and photo editing.  I even use a mouse now and my back is supported.

This is what almost-37-year-old computing looks like, peeps.  Ergonomic support IS essential, just FYI.

Anyway, as I was sitting at my lovely and rejuvenated space, I realized there was nothing on the wall above it.  I happen to be perusing Pinterest at the time and thankfully the internet idea gods aligned and I found inspiration there.  Since I had yet to use these frames, the light bulb went off in the ole noggin, I kicked my creativity into high gear and I now have this display above my desk:

Yeah, I kinda love it. 
I just put nails in each side of the frames and then used random scrapbooking supplies I had around, including yarn and ribbon, and tied pieces of them from nail to nail.  Then I found these darling little “clothes” pins to hold the pictures.

Since the frames were ready to go this only took me about 20 minutes and I’m so happy with it and excited that I FINALLY used them! WOOT!
So, have you done anything inspired by Pinterest lately?  I just love the ideas and recipes and I hope to use more of them this year.

And Guess What!?!?

It’s Miss-Elaine-ous Monday!!

Remember, ANY “miss elaine-ous” post will do, something from your archives or something brand new! :) 

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Miss Elaine-ous Monday

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  1. That is so crafty yet easy, love it!

    Also, your space? I’m jealous. So jealous (yeah I’m still parked on the couch, sigh).

  2. Love your wall! It’s really awesome! and ditto Alison! My place is on the couch or dining table :/

  3. Those frames are adorable!!! The pics are nice, too. 😉

  4. LOVE it and pinned it!

  5. YAY! Love this and *so* remember when you made those frames!

  6. Love the photos and frames!

  7. I picked a post that was pinterest-inspired, to suit your theme :)

  8. I LOVE that! And, yes, I am 37 too and know how important it is to be, um, supported. :)

  9. Love the new look of the desk and the frames are too cute. I just started making a smoothie I found on pinterest and it’s delish.

  10. So cute!! Love it! Seriously looks great. I love pinterest! Congrats on the paying jobs! That is huge

  11. Too cute!! I have a list a mile long. Maybe in February :) XO

  12. Love the way you’ve put those frames together – what a great idea! I’m still getting to grips with Pinterest but fast becoming hooked.

  13. I love how those frames turned out! Maybe I’ll try something similar.

  14. Ooooo! Very cool! And you can easily change out the pictures whenever you want too. Love it! :)

  15. Gorgeous! LOVE those picture frames.

  16. Love the frames. Love the colors and the whimsy of it all … and your Wicked coffee mug! =>

    (Also, my blog-friend MEP does a “Real Women of Pinterest” link-up every Thursday. You should link this one up!)

  17. Those look awesome. I need to find some frames like that!

    PS I need to get an office chair. The one we have is not so good!