My Little G is ONE!

The moment I saw your face I was changed forever.

The moment I kissed you my heart was overcome with joy.

The moment you nursed the first time I was already proud.

The moment you first smiled that dimpled smile, I simply melted.

The moment I heard you begin to laugh I laughed too.

The moment you sat up like a big boy, I sat next to you.

The moment you crawled away I wished for you to be tiny again.

The moment you said “Mama” my heart just soared.

The moment you walked I had to let you go.

Today has come too quickly. The anniversary of your birth. It’s been a year of bonding and firsts and I am so lucky to be your “Mama” and to be with you everyday. Now you are walking , “reading” your board books, babbling (not to mention hollering alot), playing with your big brother and climbing on things (uh oh!). Your giggle is contagious and that is why I tickle you alot. I hope you don’t mind. You may be growing up but you are still my baby and I refuse to give that up yet.

Oh my Gavin, I do love you so. It’s amazing how the heart makes room. You are such a light and joy in our family and I know that Daddy and “brother” feel the same way. Our lives are even more full because of you and your beautiful sweetness. Happy 1st Birthday my sweet boy… and MANY, MANY more…



  1. Awww… that was so sweet!

    Happy Birthday little guy!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day. :)


  2. I just love baby pics of them in just diapers. I think they are just so cute!

    Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet little one.

    May you have time to snuggle together and remember the past year. Gavin you have a phenomenal mommy!

  3. What a gorgeous series of photos. I ooooohed and aaaahed my way through them.

    This is a beautiful birthday message you have created for your son.

    Happy birthday to your precious boy.

    Warmest wishes

  4. Aww . .. happy birthday to him. The day is fast approaching for my baby and it’s both exciting and terrifying!

  5. Happy Birthday Little Man!! What precious pictures! I plan to do the same with Witt on Saturday. Oh, he’s “walking” now, too!

  6. It goes by too fast, doesn’t it? My Drew is 14 mo and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  7. It goes by too fast, doesn’t it? My Drew is 14 mo and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet little guy. My boy will be 13mos soon and he still only has 6 teeth.

  9. Looks like he’s really come into his own in that last one. Happy Birthday, G!

  10. Happy Birthday, Little Gavin!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of your first year together.

    I hope Mommy can make it through this day without tears in her eyes. Good luck!

  11. Aww, Happy Birthday. Their first year just passes by too quickly. I hope he has a great day today.

  12. Happy first birthday, Gavin! And happy first-anniversary of his birth, Elaine! The first birthday is so bittersweet. The poem at the beginning brought tears to me eyes. It’s a joy to watch him grow.

  13. Happy Birthday Little G! May each of your years be more blessed than the one before.

  14. SO, So cute!
    Happy birthday, little guy!

    You have some great pictures!

  15. Chandler says:

    Happy Birthday Little G. We will celebrate with you this Saturday and give you lots of hugs and kisses (and a present too).

    You can see his hair get longer and stand up more as you scroll down the page. Too cute.

  16. Happy birthday to a sweet baby boy!

    ACK, wait he’s not a baby anymore is he?

    But he is sweet and he is so lucky to have you as his mama. What a beautitful post Elaine :-)

  17. That was absolutely precious! Happy birthday, beautiful boy!

  18. happy birthday, he is so adorable.

  19. What special memories, and what a handsome little fellow.

  20. Elaine, what beautiful thoughts. You put in writing what a lot of us mothers can only think in our heads. I felt the same way as I watched my 24-year-old “baby” walk across the stage at his college graduation last Friday night. Where does the time go? Love, Ann

  21. He is so very beautiful, I adore his cute hair!
    Happy Birthday Gavin!
    So bittersweet for mamma though, hugs!

  22. Oh how precious- I’m LOVING the hair!


  23. I love the pictures! You are such a good Mommy. What a priceless post!

  24. Aw. Sniff.

    Beautiful posts. Beautiful pictures. Happy birthday (again!)

  25. Such a great post!! Happy Bday little G!!!!!!

  26. So sweet! Happy birthday.