My Kind of Crazy

Wednesdays are a little crazy for me. Why? you ask. Well ’cause I seem to be in the car A LOT.

Today on the way back from an afternoon trip to Chick Fil A for ice cream for the kids and a sanity break for me, I counted. I buckled and unbuckled the kids’ 3 cars seats and a stroller 36 times.

Thirty-six. Times.

That’s a lot of thumb action.

I thought for sure you’d all want a play by play of my day just so you can make sure I am counting correctly, right?

Ok. Here goes.

Kids in the car to take Anna to school (3)

Kids out of the car to take Anna into the building (The B Man insisted on staying in car. Figured he’s ok buckled in locked car for 3 minutes in church parking lot). (2)

Kid back in car after dropping off Anna. (1)

Kids out of car to drop The B Man at Nature School (2)

Kid back in car after dropping The B Man at nature school (1)

Kid out of car at house (1)

Kid in stroller to go to neighbor’s for playdate (1)

Kid out of stroller at playdate (1)

Kid back in stroller after playdate (1)

Kid out of stroller back at the house (1)

Kid back in car to drop change of clothes off for Anna at school after she had a little accident. (1)

Kid out of car (AGAIN) to pick up The B man at nature school (1)

Kids back in car after nature school (2)

Kids out of car back at the house (2)

Kids back in car to pick Anna up at school (2)

Kids out of car to go into building to get Anna (2)

Kids back in car after picking up Anna (3)

Kids out of car at CFA (3)

Kids back in car after consuming ice cream and playing in playscape while I cleaned out my purse (3)

Kids out of car back at the house and asking for a snack after they just ate ice cream. (3)

See? Kinda Crazy.

And if you read all of that you are officially a Miss Elaine-ous Life Bloggy BFF. ; )

P.S. If you are a blogger in the DFW/North Texas area check out my poll in the upper left sidebar area. Let me know if you want to get together early next year!

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  1. Good Lord! You need a break!

  2. I think you need to take a break from Wednesdays :)

  3. Yikes!
    I was just thinking about the crazy carseat thing yesterday as I got my 3 littles in and out.

    Hope you have a relaxing evening.

  4. Heck, that is seriously crazy! I thought I had it tough with my 4 drop-offs/pick-ups a day, but I will never complain again!! How do you do it?

  5. I must be a Blogger BFF because I did make it all the way through your post. I have never counted but I do know that I myself get tired of the buckling/unbuckling. Your post made me tired by just reading it!

  6. Agh!

    I swear, one of the happiest days of my life was when my oldest figured out how to put on his own seatbelt. It sounds dumb, but after trying to get them IN the car in the first place, saving forty seconds every time makes you feel like a new woman…

    One down, two to go!!

  7. Oh man—I am tired just reading that list 😉

  8. Shhh, just enjoy it, before they are driving around themselves.

  9. Just wait until they can buckle themselves in…then they just complain about not wanting to run all YOUR errands and why are you ruining my life and I wanted to stay home and play with my friends.

    Sorry you had a crazy day. It is the season of crazy days.

    And for the record, I am a blogging BFF too!

  10. That is clearly too many times!! 36!!

    I think a massage is in order! :)

  11. ugh. that post made me tired and it made me want chocolate or ice cream or both!

    i voted! I want in on the bloggy meet up and would love to help you with it!!!

  12. I am not going to complain anymore! hehe great job

  13. I came over from Momology.
    1st you have beautiful children!
    2nd I totally feel your pain, I have had some of those days. My 2 1/2 year old really loves being buckled in the car seat to (hahahaha!).
    3rd I don’t live in the DFW but think the dinner is a great idea! I wish I was close enough to attend.

  14. i hear ya! i hate to burst your bubble, but the ‘car’ action (minus having to physically seatbelt them in yourself) doesn’t really change! my eldest is 19, and even tho she’s driving on a restricted, i can pass the same school in our suburb MANY times in a day!!! hugs :)

  15. Oh yes, I feel your pain..

  16. AND, if you have the 5-point harness system that is a LOT of clicking! You should ice your thumb.
    My hubby is so fed up with carseats. That is his number one gripe. 😉

  17. I don’t know if you read my post from last night, but it’s all about numbers too! I think it’s hilarious that you counted, and I’ll admit, that’s alot of buckling and unbuckling. Shew. My thumbs hurt just thinking about it.

  18. That is a lot of buckling. I’m so glad all four of my bigger kids can buckle themselves. I only have to unbuckle the boys. And kids and the snacks–mine are constantly asking for food. What is up with that?

    And I said yes on the poll. Sounds fun.

  19. And incase you miss it in your e-mail…

    Please come over and visit my blog. I think you might be pleasantly interested in what you find. :)

  20. is it sad that i am just tired by reading about all the clicking??

  21. Oh hell, how do you find time to blog with all of THAT! :)

  22. Good gosh Elaine, that is nuts! Are your fingers sore from all that buckling/unbuckling? I guess I’m not allowed to complain anymore…

  23. wow, poor thing.

  24. Ha! isn’t it fun! Try it with 6 kids…. it’s about enough to make me bang my head on the door. hee-hee! At least 2 are good about doing it themselves.


  25. Didn’t we already agree to try to get together? And, you know what? You are going to get blackberry thumb from all of that 5 point harnessing you are doing.

  26. Sweetie, I think you need a Wed vacation. Where do you get your energy from?

    Because I would love some :)

  27. Dude, I am tired and my thumbs hurt.

    Oh and I want to be in the DFW (whatever that is) North Texas area, does that count?

  28. Wow – no wonder the war wound on my right thumb just will not heal! My days sound a lot like yours.

    And I’m in for the DFW dinner!


  29. Heh, Sounds like my thumbs! I was so glad when Big Sis learned to buckle herself.

    I’m all for a get together as long as it isn’t one of the weekends Big Sis has a dance competition.

  30. Oh man, your poor nails!!! Sounds exhausting…

  31. That is hilarious. I am way too scared to count how many times I do things. Ha! Ha! You need to go treat yourself to a pedicure or something fun! What if we got paid for all of those “ins and outs” of carseats and strollers. Hmmm. Now I’m thinking! :o)

  32. You need to teach those kids to buckle in themselves! HA! How are your fingers working to blog?? Thanks for stopping by my blog..your blog is adorable!

  33. Holy Cow…THAT is a lot of thumb action!!!

  34. I so wish I lived in DFW!!! You must make a life-sized poster of me and bring me along, okay?

    And, that’s WAY too much buckling. I hope Thursday and Fridays are a little lighter on your thumbs.