My Granny Had Moxie

My Granny had Moxie*
Oh yes She did
I knew this fact
even as a kid

She could kill a snake
with her cane**
And act like she
was never in pain

She always stood up for
what she believed
And was so thankful
for all she received

At times her life
was really hard
Cotton fields were her

She loved God like
no one else I know
And had a spirit she
was not afraid to show

She adored her family
and made it known
Our visits made her
feel less alone

I still miss her, every day
but I know she’s
with the Lord
and there to stay

But her Moxie lives on
within her granddaughter
And for that I will always be
so thankful to her…

* Moxie is defined as the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; bold energy

**True story

This poem was written about my paternal Grandmother for today’s carnival at Mama’s Losin’ It, during Around the Blogosphere in 5 Days.


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  1. Your granny sounds like a force of nature – in a good way. I’m glad her spirit is alive and well in your daughter.

  2. Hey there, visiting from Mama Kat’s. Your grandma sounds like one heck of a lady. By the way, I love your blog title…it’s very witty!

  3. Cute!

  4. Your Granny sounds like mine!

    Very awesome poem gal…at this point in pregnancy I was lucky if I could get out a sentence that made sense!

  5. Great work on the poem! Well done.

  6. What a lovely poem!

  7. I love it that you wrote a poem! It rocked. (and so did your Grandma) :)

  8. What an awesome tribute!

  9. It’s Thursday! Are you in labor yet :-)

  10. such a beautiful tribute to your Grandma.

    I know that when I get to be a Grandma, I want to be full of Moxie.

  11. Hey – someone wrote a poem! I hopeless at rhyming so I’m quite impressed. And I love the picture.

  12. She sounds like a very spirited person, and she’d be happy to know that she left such an indelible mark on you :)


  13. Great poem and tribute to your grandmother. Makes me want to go hug mine right now, I don’t know what I would do with out her…

  14. what a special lady! Moxie…I could use some of that. :o)

  15. This was really sweet! Your Grandma would be so proud. :)

  16. That is so sweet, I love it.

    My grandma was a total badass too. I hope my grandkids think that about me.