My Friend Katie & MEM

So Katie was at BlogHer.

Not my Katie but Katie of The Today Show/CBS News and now her own talk show fame, Katie.
Lisa Stone (of BlogHer) interviewed her during lunch on Saturday and I have to say I was completely impressed.
On Friday another famous woman was in the same spot and before the conference I was more excited to see her but it turns out I was MUCH more impressed with Ms. Couric. 
She was so easy to relate to and funny and just REAL.  
She talked about her life after her husband died, her love for her girls and that infamous interview with Sarah Palin.  And she even showed us her famous “guns” (aka arm muscles).  Oh and she was wearing some AMAZING Louboutins!  She simply exuded class and personality. 
PLUS!  She wants to work with and feature bloggers on her show.  And she is even on twitter actually tweeting with us.  You know, like she’s a regular gal.  I love that. 
I honestly think we could be friends IRL, you know if I lived in Manhattan. I mean, we could totally go shoe shopping together.  And tweet each other on our smart phones.  And do lunch. 
I could even be the Gail to her Oprah.  
Now THAT would be awesome…
So, any celebrities you’ve seen/met in the past that surprised you? 
Any that you want to be best friends with?

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  1. I loved her on the Today Show, but haven’t really seen her do anything I’ve enjoyed since. I’m hoping I like her on this new show! And I like that she’s including bloggers – smart lady! :)

  2. Lucky you, meeting Katie Couric!!

  3. Katie was very cool. I stayed way longer to hear her than the other celebrity guests. I have met a number of celebrities before. I even dated one for a while. Which was really lame because we actually never went anywhere other than his house and the recording studio because it was too hard and annoying. We went to other celebrities houses from time to time, but that was just awkward for me. Clearly it wasn’t as fun or as glamorous as I imagined it would be!

  4. I’ve never met a celebrity. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know how to act if I did.

  5. I’ve met a few, but one celeb encounter which stands out for me is when Jimmy Fallon did a show at my college, and stayed at the hotel my friends and I worked at. My roommate was at the front desk and knew which room he was in, and we pretty much sneaked up to the room and stood in front of his door and tried to hear anything that was going on inside. It was sorta stalkerish. Then after the show we hung out at the hotel bar and he came in and chatted and was very nice. Oh, and Daniel Tosh was his opening act and the next morning, he ordered room service and my other roommate and I flipped a coin to see who would deliver it. She won.

  6. I loved meeting Katie Couric and agree with everything you said about her. Le sigh. I could totally be her BFF too.

    THe only other celebrities I’ve met are Chelsea Handler (very briefly at a book signing) and Jeff Probst at his, um, show taping a few weeks ago….


  7. I’ve never met a celebrity but now she sounds like a really cool person!

  8. Wait, so you’re saying you didn’t want to hang out with Martha and try to find something she can’t do?

  9. I clam up when in the company of a celebrity. It’s embarrassing. I gave a double thumbs up to Maggie Gyllenhaal once when I realized I was standing next to her. So ridiculous. Sigh.

    Thank you for hosting a link up!

  10. Wow…that’s awesome! I always thought she seemed cool. :)

  11. I went to an event to see Freckleface Strawberry (the musical). Julianne Moore was there (since she wrote the book). She was amazing. Absolutely loved her.

  12. I was very impressed with her too. We definitely think a lot alike.

  13. I love when you meet someone famous and they are relatable. It makes the experience so much better. The only celebs I’ve met are soap stars but that’s celebrity enough for me.

  14. I LOVED being able to listen to Katie speak. She was so down to earth and real is was amazing.

  15. And if you become BFFs with her then I can say that I know Katie Couric’s BFF. We are all winners if this works out!! I’m jumping on this campaign of new found frienship between the two of you!!

  16. Are you kidding me??? Now I am even more depressed that I didnt go……….