My Day. How Was Yours?

“Would you please not do that?”

“Why did you do that?”


“Tell your brother you are sorry.”

“Well then, we’ll just go home!”

“Mom does not respond to whining.”

“You want another snack? But you JUST ate.”

“No, you may not have another piece of candy.”

“Please, just get in the bathroom.”


“Just sit down and do your homework.”

“No, Dad will be home after you go to bed.”

“Yes, you may have a before bed snack.”

“Brush your teeth.”

“Please, I do not want to have to come back here tonight.”


Please, tell me at least some of this sounds familiar to you too.


I am obviously having one of those “tell-me-I-am-not-alone-in-this” moments.  Because after a day like today, it sure seems that way.


It’s a good thing they are so dang cute.


Thankfully this child let me take some pics of her this evening.  After a day of me saying ALL those things up there, at least there was that.



















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  1. That second to last photo could win a photo contest!
    Yes, you’re not alone. My day was more like:
    “Don’t throw Lambie into the bathtub!”
    “Oh no! You did! Don’t throw a bucket of water out of the bathtub!”
    “Oh no! You did. Cassidy??!! Come get YOUR son out of here!”

    Then to the older one:
    “No. You can’t have four candy corn for dinner.”
    “No. You can’t have three candy corn for dinner.”
    “Not one or two either.”

    • Wow, Tamara, that photo comment means A LOT coming from you. Thank you!!!

      And I call the kids “your so-and-so” to Tim all the time – ha!

  2. Um, sounds like my day – every day!

    “Don’t like your brother.”
    “Don’t lick the door.”
    “Don’t lick the elevator.”

    Notice the theme?

  3. Nearly every day of my life is like this, but yesterday was like this times a thousand. Those pics are gorgeous, by the way.

  4. “Don’t interrupt”
    “Please stop screaming”
    “Please stop barking”
    “Please get in the car”
    “Please get in the car, now”
    “Get in your car seat”
    “Please try to go potty before we leave”

    It’s never ending and you are not alone.

  5. Honestly, I have so many “tell me I’m not alone days” and it’s good to know that I’m not alone in that! All of those conversations are ones we have regularly. Right now we’re struggling with going to be bed at night and getting dressed in the morning. Bella is so stubborn and her brother never was so it’s all new to me!

  6. Oh man. Do I hear you on this!!!!! After school is a major crazy time around here. With three BOYS who have to get homework done, a little girl to wake up from her nap, a niece who stays at our house after school until her mom picks her up at 4:30, all before we have to rush out of the house for basketball practice or swimming lessons or Boy Scout meetings. It is madness! I have been on this new kick of being very careful with how I speak to the kids, especially when I am angry, and after school is a CHALLENGE. It is really difficult to get three boys focused to finish all of their homework, snacks handed out, dinner planned, and off to activities without raising my voice to get their attention. It is exhausting. And Monday was just MADNESS. The kids all had a bunch of homework (Joey had two tests to study for), Grace wasn’t feeling great and wouldn’t get up from her nap, the kids kept fighting, I had to get all the kids dressed to go to a dedication ceremony for Todd’s dad, I had to drop Joey off at basketball right before since it started at the same time as the dedication. Then I had to pick up Joey, make dinner, and rush off to my choir rehearsal that evening. I was spent.

    Some days I really feel like a lunatic. It is a major test of my patience for sure. For Todd, his biggest challenge is the kids’ bedtime but I seem to be more patient then. After school. That is my struggle, man.

    Hang in there! This too shall pass! (hopefully) ;)

    • Kat, your comment makes me wonder how we ever stay sane! ha ha ha!!

      and yes, I second you on the “feel like a lunatic” part (some days, thank goodness not all!)

  7. “Mom does not respond to whining.”

    Every day!

  8. Man. I SO feel this. Every night to me sounds scripted. It’s like that movie, Ground Hog’s Day. I say the same things to the boys over and over.

    “Don’t sit on your brother.”

    “Don’t throw your apple.”

    “Stop bossing your brother.”

    “Use your words…for the love of all that is holy, USE YOUR WORDS!”

    “That’s not how we sit on the chair.”

    “That’s not how we sit on the couch.”

    “That’s not how we sit on the table…wait…GET OFF THE TABLE.”


  9. This is my house. Every day.

  10. You are most certainly not alone!!! My yesterday sounded like this:

    “Hurry up!”
    “Do your homework.”
    “Practice your Piano.”
    What is 4×7? 4×9? 4×12?”
    ” I don’t care if you like it. This is what’s for dinner.”
    “Don’t put your foot on the table!”
    “Please, just GO TO BED!!”

    It is the song of motherhood. And it ends with “I love you!”

    P.S. Those pictures are absolutely wonderful!

  11. You are so not alone!

    My daughter covets the only winter hat of mine she hasn’t already commandeered. We have the “WHY can’t I borrow it?” conversation EVERY day.

  12. Oh these days, there is so very much of this. It gets to the point where I’m interchanging everyone’s names and don’t remember who I’m scolding. SIGH.

    Those pictures go a LONG way in making it better though- gorgeous!

  13. Girl you are speaking my language! I swear sometimes Nolan sets out to test me I feel like I am constantly correcting…and I don’t want to be that way. Hoping for both of us it is a phase…it gets better RIGHT?

  14. Oh, yes, these sound familiar.
    Those photos are just adorable, though. :)

  15. The preschooler will literally finish chewing the last bite of her lunch and ask for a snack. That girl. So, YES. This is all very familiar to me! Also, I love those pictures!

  16. Leave your brother alone!
    Do NOT talk to me about whose turn it is on which iPad- if you keep fighting, I’m taking them away!
    Time for bed.
    Time for bed NOW.
    No, you don’t need another snack.
    Do you want a snack? You have to eat something.
    I’m not kidding you right now. Go to BED.
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  17. Yes. I say all of those things and also, “Don’t hit your sister.” “Stop tattling on your brother.” “Yes I know your belly button/head/stomach/throat hurts.” “Don’t make up songs about your sister.” “Put some clothes on.” And on and on and on.
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  18. Breathe. We are all there, at least once a day.

    I just learnt to stop for a sec, and rephrase when talking to the toddler, breathing helps.
    Mama and the City recently posted…Birthday Party: The Price To Make Her SmileMy Profile

  19. Make up songs about your sister? Uh oh. ha ha ha!

  20. OMG yes. All.The.Time. And I say that “it’s a good thing they’re cute” all the time! Because they really are so cute, aren’t they?
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  21. This would be ALL the days. All of them. Like, seriously, girls, just stop. STOP. I cannot tell you how many times I speak (and by speak I mean practically yell) those words!-Ashley

  22. Laughing but my day sounds very much like that! And I have teenagers and tweens. The wording might be a little different but it’s essentially the same. :)
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  23. My day goes like this:

    “No. You can do it yourself.”
    “No. You can do it yourself.”
    “No. You can do it yourself.”
    “No. You can do it yourself.”
    “No. You can do it yourself.”

    We are learning independence these days.

    Gorgeous pics of your cherub!! xo
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