A Much Anticipated Trip

So the hubs and I are droppin’ the kids off in Austin on Friday morning so we can spend a weekend by ourselves for a belated anniversary celebration. That’s right folks. FORTY-EIGHT hours of kid-free bliss time! Plus, we are taking his car with a GPS this time, so there should be NO disagreements about which way to go, right? Riiiiiight….

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a trip alone together. I believe it was May of 2005, when we went to Palm Beach, FL for a four-day trip when The B Man was about 13 months old.

For this trip I am sure The B Man will be fine because he’s going to spend a lot of time with his cousins Catherine & Grace, who he adores. But, I am not so sure about Little G. He’s never stayed with my parents without us there before and well, he’s just kinda moody (a.k.a cutting a couple of teeth). I am praying that he does fine for them.

But back to our time alone…

The last time we went on a trip such as this (small TX town with lots of B&Bs and antique shops) we went to Jefferson and stayed at a sweet little Bed and Breakfast. Our room was maybe 10 x 10. In other words, cozy. We took a tour of homes that included several older homes fully “decked” out for Christmas and we went into just a few (note the sarcasm) antique shops.

I think we’d only been married for a year or two so I am pretty sure my newlywed husband felt a little swindled. But it’s ok. He got some of what he wanted that weekend too.

I am talking about steak people. What did you think I meant?

This time we are going to Fredricksburg which is a little over an hour from Austin, in the hill country. We are staying at a much “hipper” place and since I am not into antiquing nearly as much as I used to be, I am willing to branch out where our activities are concerned. I even suggested hiking up Enchanted Rock so I can still get a workout while we’re gone!

The Fredricksburg area also now has wineries, brew houses and several other things to do.

So honey, don’t worry, I promise not to drag you through too many antique stores or houses decorated for Christmas. Really, I promise. Oh and we can probably find you some steak too… ; )



  1. Did someone say steak!?! Have a great time Lainey, you deserve it.

    BTW- I totally had you pegged as the Shabby Chic antique-y type!

  2. Have a GREAT time!!!!

  3. STEAK? Is that what you’re calling it these days? Enjoy yourselves and Happy Belated Anniversary.

  4. Steak? hmm… I think it’s funny everyone commented on the steak. I didn’t think you were talking about food…nope… lol

    Have a wonderful and relaxing trip!! :)

  5. Have a great time.

    And, I hope your hubby gets some steak again!

  6. Steak, is that what you two call it in front of the kids?

    Have a wonderful weekend. It sounds like a great time.

  7. Have an awesome time.

    *lol* @ 3boys24/7’s comment about “steak”.

  8. oh have sooo much fun honey!!

    hubby and i need to plan a little getaway soon…you have inspired me!

  9. I have vacation envy and wish you a very fun time!!!

  10. Hope you have a wonderful time. I love when it happens that we can get away, but then when we do…it like we dont know what to do, we miss the kids and come home.

  11. Mmmmmm, steak! Now I’m hungry for steak. Mmmm.

    Have a fabulous time! :)

  12. Have a great time this weekend! Hope you have perfect weather. This is such a great time to visit Fredericksburg. Eats lots of good food, including that steak!

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun. I would definitely hit the wineries. Take pictures!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed reading yours and getting to know you better!
    Let me know how the trip goes. We have been talking about going there…it’s so close to our home, but haven’t made it there yet.

  15. Ah, Fredericksburg! You’ll just be a hop, skip and a jump from me 😉 I love Fredricksburg and always stop at Circle E candles on the way to Austin. Coming from Austin, it’s just before Fredericksburg proper (on 290) on the left. You’ll smell really good when you leave!

    You might also check out the LBJ Ranch and the Sauer-Beckman Farm (on the ranch). I posted about it back in October. It’s really neat!

    I hope you and the hubby have a great time. Little G will be fine! They are always so much better when mommy and daddy aren’t around.

    I don’t know about steak, but you’ll find lots of yummy German food and wine!!

    Live it up girl! You both deserve it.

  16. I hope you & the hubby have a fabu time. You deserve a break away WITH him. I’m a huge fan of the Hill Country myself.

  17. Have fun!! I hope you have a romantic time…and I can’t wait to hear how much fun you had!

  18. Have a wonderful 48 hours of bliss! My husband and I used to do that every chance we could when our kids were young.

  19. Good for you guys! and have an amazing time together.

  20. How amazing – have a terrific time and totally enjoy yourselves! You deserve it!

  21. have a great time! i hope G does good for your mom. james is cutting teeth too and will soon enough be spending 4 nights with my mom. ah…thank goodness for brave grandmas!

    i am cracking up at all of the comments… i hope you find some great wines to enjoy with your, er um, steak!

  22. All I have to say is, enjoy your steak!! Hehehe! Okay, enjoy ALL your time away!

  23. Steak is always better when you’re out of town! Have a great time!!

  24. Oh, Elaine…. have a WONDERFUL time!

  25. Oooh, I’ve heard wonderful things about Fredricksburg, please let us know how it goes! Have fun, don’t forget to take an anti-acid before your “steak”….

  26. Oh yay, time away with the hubs!! I LOVE Fredericksburg! We went there in 2004 for a mini-vacation and scoured a few of the wineries around…I think there are several between Austin and Fredericksburg, so you may want to stop on the way in to town!

    And, I love hiking Enchanted Rock too…you will have to see if you can find some of the caves to go into…

    Have a great time!

  27. I really LOVE Fredricksburg! There will be plenty more for your hubby to enjoy…although steak is all mine would want. 😉

    Have fun and don’t worry about those kiddos. They’ll both be fine!

  28. Dude! Steak is all my husband wants for Christmas…they would get along so well.

    Wait. That wasn’t supposed to sound creepy. Sorry.

    Have a blast, you both deserve it! And yes I am ever so jealous too :)

  29. I’m Jealous! That sounds like a great time, Happy belated anniversary!

  30. Have a great time! My husband and I are dying for a little trip soon. So far it is all talk and no planning :(

  31. Wow… So you’re off on your trip right now. I hope you’re having a nice time!

  32. I bet the Texas hill country is especialy beautiful this time of year. Hope you and your hubby had a fun, relaxing weekend.