Mother’s Day…

…seems to have new meaning 2 days before you are about to have a baby, right?? Oh, I am ready though! Ben’s been running around all day (except when he took a nap – God Bless him!) saying “Happy Mother’s Day!” Tim gifted me with a nicer, newer and smaller version of my current camera and I just love it (I think it’s for Father’s Day too, if you know what I mean!) Anyway – we’ve had a good day. Here are a few shots of the baby’s room as it is now. I “dressed up” a couple of valances – the window was too wide to use just one- by adding some ribbon and little bear buttons on bows on the edges. This room had never had any type of window covering before, even when Ben was in it, and I think it added a lot to the look. So, as you can see, we are ready for him to come home!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there (and a few of my friends that are mother’s to be as well…). Especially to my mother and Tim’s – who in the next few weeks will be helping us out with the new little guy!

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