Morning, Why Are You So DAILY?

I am not traditionally a “morning person”.

Morning means getting out of bed and I’m a HUGE fan of lying in bed, even if I’m not sleeping.

Thankfully, I have a husband who is much more “morning person”esque than myself.

Many mornings he gets up and feeds the kids and even makes The B Man’s lunch if he’s feeling particularly generous.

I am actually a “night person”. Always have been.

I remember as a little girl sitting behind the accordion door that my father put up, to separate the living room from the hallway to the bedrooms. I could hide behind it with it cracked and still hear Johnny Carson’s monologue during The Tonight Show from behind the plastic partition.

I recall making up excuses on a school nights like my throat hurts or I had a bad dream just so I could snuggle up on the sofa with my head in my Mom’s lap (and the throat thing usually garnered a Luden’s cherry-flavored throat losenge, which lets face it, was like candy! Bonus!) while she watched television.

In college my best studying and other “extracurricular” activities were at night.

And now, these days, it’s my quiet time. Or time with my spouse. Time to “chill” and decompress. Time to “tweet” and read blogs and work on my own photos and writings.

Of course children ARE morning people. At least mine are. They definitely did NOT get the memo on the hours I would like to keep.

But that’s okay. I get it. They have a lot to do, what with their playing and drawing and “snacking” (omg the snacking!!!) and general kid-ness.

And, at least right now, they ARE not night people like I was as a kid, so I’m thanking my lucky stars for that.

What about YOU? Morning or Night person?



  1. I so struggle with mornings myself. Boy do I!

    This was one such morning, in which I did not get Jackson out to the bus in time and so I had to drive home to school instead.

    Tomorrows a new day right? 😉

  2. Night without question! It’s my “me” time…I remember doing the same as a little girl…Love Johnny Carson!

  3. As I sit at the kitchen table not talking to anyone because I got up less than 30 minutes ago, I can safely say that I am *not* a morning My kids are finally old enough to get their own breakfast and get dressed on their own, so when I do finally get up those things are taken care of. I love it. I’m much more likely to be up at 11:30 pm than 6:30 a.m.

  4. I’m just like you and so is my husband. It’s not unusual for us to still be up at 1AM. Even if I force myself to bed earlier I cant seem to think coherently or feel motivated for much until around 10 the next morning- 12 hours of sleep or 5 hours of sleep, it makes no difference. That was always fun when I worked outside the home, lol.

    Of course all 3 of my kids are up with the first sliver of sunlight every morning! Totally perky, raring to go morning people. Ugh! Not fair! haha

    My Mother keeps telling me that will all turn around when they’re teenagers and then I’ll be yelling at them to get up at noon. 😉

  5. I’m a morning gal, hubby is a night hawk. Always have been, while Tim would sleep till noon I would wonder why he wold waste such precious daylight ? Lucky my kids are NOT morning kids and they do sleep in…

  6. I am ABSOLUTELY a night owl and am ABSOLUTELY married to an early bird. Our daughter? BOTH. It makes for some really, really rough days because I swear the kid never sleeps.

  7. I am neither. I am more of a middle of the day kind of person. I need 9 hours of sleep!

    This is why I work at home:)

  8. I am a night person all of the way. I can be tired all day long and get a burst of energy in the evening. It is really challenging because I have to get up early.

    I am also a coffee person!

  9. Late afternoon is actually my best time, in terms of productivity and overall mood. I am also a night person too though. I merely tolerate mornings. My kids don’t sleep in either, of course, but sometimes they like to lounge around like I do, which is nice. And oldest girl is actually showing some inclination to sleep in, if only she didn’t share a room with two other people. 😉

  10. Afternoon! But definitely NOT morning. I don’t even like for people to talk to me in the morning.

  11. I used to be a night owl but children have morphed me into a morning person totally against my will.

  12. night.

    i am notorious for staying up WAY too late and then regretting it the next morning. i think i could sleep late every morning if i had the opportunity. i reallllly don’t like the mornings.

    i have friends who get up an hour before their kids so that they can have quiet time, and i think they’re insane, lol. i’d rather stay up an hour later to have the same quiet time. :)

    anyway, it’s 10:18 here, and i’m just now getting in an okay mood. thank you, coffee.

  13. I could have written this post myself. I am SOOOO a night person. My kids are SOOOO not.

    silly kids.

  14. Night. So so so so night. If I had my way, everything before 10am would be illegal.

  15. Um, I’ve never been a morning person. Not even as a kid. Not that I can remember anyway.

  16. Me too. I am SO NOT a morning person. And I SO AM a night person. Here I sit at 11:21, wide awake. :o) Oh, and I did the excuses at bedtime thing, too – “lump in my throat” was my fav. 😉

  17. I’m a night owl. So is my husband. If we were opposites the kid thing on the weekends would be easier. But it’s not. Neither one of us want to get out of bed and do what needs to be done. 😉