“Mommy Brain” – It’s TOTALLY Real

As the pictures in my last post show, we went to the zoo yesterday. In a city an hour away. We caravan-ed with some friends. We made it there and back safely.

But I kinda wonder how.

I did manage to pack snacks but forgot to fill the water bottle that stays in the car -the one we all share.

As we were loading up in the car I handed K a sippy of water but forgot to take it in the zoo with us.

Halfway there I realized I’d forgotten either of our strollers and all that was in the back of the vehicle was the stuff I bought at Target at the after Christmas clearance sale. Yeah, can’t push a baby in that.

I did have a sling though. Thank goodness.

And then there were the keys. You know, the car ones.

As we were getting our stuff together to go into the zoo we met our friends in the parking lot. I had this nagging feeling that I did not know where I put my keys. However, said thought went right out my crazy “too-many-thoughts-at-once” brain as one of the other Moms started to talk to me about something and at the same time I was trying to make sure that none of my children got run over.

Then, after our 4.5 hours in the zoo and as we were walking back to the car, I realized after digging for my wallet 3 separate times and also baby wipes and my phone, I’d never seen or even heard the keys in the bag.

And as we approached the car I saw them. Sitting on the back of the full spare tire that hangs on the back of our CR-V. People, they were there the WHOLE time.

Sometimes I wonder where my brain cells have gone. And my keys.

I’m so happy/lucky/glad they were still there. And is it possible to grow back the brain cells?

I’m off to do another Sudoku puzzle just in case. I’ve heard that’s supposed to keep me from getting Alzheimer’s or something. Kinda surprised I even remember that.

And I’m posting this picture because I just can’t NOT.


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

My parents are visiting and my Dad’s birthday is New Year’s Day and I’m so happy to be able to celebrate with him this year (German chocolate cake anyone?)

Here’s to a FABULOUS 2011! “See” you next year!



  1. At least you restored my faith in the human race a little bit. How awesome that no one stole your car, because seriously, if you did that at the Dallas Zoo, well, you know.

    Adorable shot!! But of course. The subject guarentees it. :)

    Happiest of New Year’s dear Elaine!!

  2. Mommy brain is totally real and I totally have it, every single day. Happy New year’s, sweet friend!!!

  3. Oh no! That is crazy! I am so glad your car was still there! Whew!
    Mommy brain is real alright. I have it too. Like you said, too many thoughts in our heads at one time.
    Hope you have a wonderful new year (and Happy Birthday to your dad!)! :)

    ps- OH MY WORD that picture is just TOO MUCH!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!

  4. Oh the pigtails. I miss those on my L.

    At least you didn’t lock them in the car? And hooray for inattentive/kind people walking by?

    Mom brain is definitely a real thing. When I go to Zumba I figure I’m working out my brain too, trying to keep up with the routines. It’s a win all around!

  5. Oh my gosh yes, mommy brain is SO real. And I only have ONE kid!! I just wanna know, did you stop and by a lottery ticket in your way home?? Cuz it was obviously your lucky day, since the car and keys were safe and sound half a day later!!

  6. Most definitely real! Last month I lost my keys in the library, then left my purse in the library, all in t he same week. Crazy!