Missing Things

You know that old saying that you don’t miss something until it’s gone? Well, my oldest is currently hanging out with his Mother Bear (what the kids call Tim’s Mom) this week and guess what?  I miss him.

It’s been less than 24 hours since I gave him a hug goodbye.  Then he eagerly jumped in the car with his Dad to be dropped off at her house, his backpack full of his favorite things and his heart full of anticipation, I’m sure.

This is the first time we’ve let him go like this.

our kids with their “cousins” a.k.a our good friends’ children and our God children.  You can probably tell they are not REALLY related… ;-P

Letting go is hard sometimes.

But I know it’s good.

For all of us.

On the trip back from Texas the two little kids had more space in the car and then here back at home, they played together gleefully.

Little G had his OWN ideas (he usually follows brother’s ideas on things to do, etc.) about which DVD to put on during the trip and he even worked the player himself! :)

And, he had us blow up the sleeping bag bed so he could sleep there, like he was having a sleep-over too. So cute.

The kids with Mother Bear

And besides The B Man will be back at the end of the week, so it’s not like it’s THAT long.  And he’s in SUCH good hands.  His Mother Bear loves him to bits.

p.s. Is it Friday yet?

p.p.s I miss Texas again.


  1. It is tough, but they enjoy the time and so do the grandparents. My oldest just stayed away for 2 nights at my parents and I was so glad when he got home! I love that you guys call her Mother Bear – so cute!

  2. I just got back from 4 days away from my kids and I missed them a lot. It is hard to let them go but the time seems to fly by when they are gone. I love the name Mother Bear.

  3. I totally know what you are feeling. Hayden will have sleep overs with his cousins and I miss him terribly. The house just isn’t the same.

  4. I think it is so hard when our kids go away to stay. At first it is all fun and relaxing and then the missing starts and you just wish the time would go by faster. I’m going out of town for work in a few weeks and I’m dreading it.

    And I’m sure Texas misses you too.

  5. You do miss them terribly when they are gone. I do know what you mean though about the whole dynamic being different when one is not there. We always find this to be true when we are missing one of our three. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad.

    Fingers crossed that the weekend goes fast for you and slow for your oldest and Mother Bear!

  6. What a cute picture – actually ALL the pictures. Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to mine being gone some this summer? Granted, mine are teenagers.

  7. These are excellent photos? What kind of camera did you use? I love love love kidlet photos on blogs.

    And don’t forget that country classic: How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away? Time apart is good for everyone, especially when in the good hands of Mother Bear (greatest nickname ever).

  8. What fabulous pictures. So hard, but he will have an amazing time. xo

  9. I love the first pic too! But the 2nd one…. it looks like you’re little guy there is holding back your daughter!

  10. I miss you.

  11. :(

    I miss him too.

    And we need more kids for my son to hang out with.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Awww. So sweet. He is really growing up quickly, isn’t he?

    – For some reason I haven’t been able to comment on your posts this past week. It keeps kicking me out so I have to post as anonymous.

    Kat@Seeking Sanity

  13. Oh, but I bet he’s having a blast!

    My parents keep asking when they can do it. And, I laugh. Really, a 2 year old? A little much (but when I suggest they come to our house to watch them, they don’t come)….hmmmm.