Miss Elaine-ous Monday, etc.

This weekend was a whopper.

I even missed a hair appointment because I just couldn’t keep all the soccer balls in the air.

shIt happens.

And here I am a week behind and posting more pics from our Easter, because, like I said, there are a lot.  And I know the Resurrection of Jesus is already old news to some but I’m still pretty happy about it so I’m going to put these out into cyber space a week late, because well, I can.

Hope you all had a weekend of remembering everything you had to do! 😉

Happy week after Easter!

p.s. Do not, I repeat DO NOT forget to check yours kids Easter stuff that they bring back from Grandma’s house for REAL, hard-boiled eggs, like someone I know did. I’m guessing they can get kinda stinky…  Just a guess…

p.p.s. I’m giving away a book that could be really helpful for one of your kids, it was for mine!!

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  1. I love your photos. And I second the “check grandma’s eggs” comment – stinky eggs are NOT fun!!!

  2. I love your family photo!

    Stinky eggs are no good. Somebody in our house left them in the refrigerator for far too long. It stunk!

  3. Aw, such beautiful pictures, you guys are a beautiful family.

  4. Sweet pictures. I missed getting together with the extended family for Easter, but it was nice to have a more relaxed Easter with no crazy-busy travel involved.
    And ew to stinky eggs!
    I guess this crazy busy life is what I have to look forward as my kids get older, eh? :)

  5. Beautiful Easter pics and I’m so loving those dresses, hers and yours! : )

  6. Love the photos, you!

    Sorry to hear about the whopper weekend and the stinky eggs! Eeww!

    (And that family photo? What a stunner!)

  7. What a great family picture!!

    You actually missed a hair appointment? Mine are so few and far between I would have probably cried.

  8. I can see why you want to post those pics. They are all gorgeous!
    You just reminded me to schedule another haircut appt. Why is it that I only make it to the salon 2 or 3 times a year? Crazy.

  9. At least you took Easter pictures, which are gorgeous, I didn’t even get that far. 😉

  10. Lovely Easter photos.

  11. Such sweet pics!

  12. Your little family shot is awesome! What cute kids! And I’m so sorry to hear about the egg…that sounds really awful. :(

  13. Oh those eggs can stink. My MIL once left 3 dozen hard boiled eggs on my porch, it was a smelly sight when I found them the next morning.

  14. You guys look so pretty, and I love K’s bare feet!

  15. Great Easter photos….and love your son’s Angry Birds t-shirt, it’s just a vibrant as the eggs they colored!