Miss Elaine-ous Monday (1st Edition!) – Chips Only?

I love chocolate chip cookies and this is no secret in our house. When the kids see me get the mixer out from under the cabinet and the butter out of the fridge they know it’s go-time and we ALL get a tad giddy.

Today I suggested we make some and shortly after Tim said, “you know what I want to try? (he did not wait for an answer) I want to put some of the peanut butter M&Ms in the cookies!”

I was neither amused or excited at this proposal. I like chocolate chip cookies (sometimes with oatmeal too, I’ll admit) with JUST chocolate chips. No walnuts, no pecans, no M&Ms – chips and chips alone.

But as I was daydreaming about the cookies that would be, Tim was already loading the boys in the car to go to the nearest convenience store and buy a couple of snack-sized bags of said M&Ms.

And he did make some with them, as well as regular M&Ms, per the boys’ request.

Did I try them? Yes.

Did I like them? No, not really.

Do I stand by my chips only proclamation? I do.

So now, if you ever want to bake or send me cookies you know what kind I like! 😉

So, what’s your pleasure? Chips only or other stuff too? I wanna know.

AND! I want you all to link up for the first ever Miss Elaine-ous Monday!!

What is Miss Elaine-ous Monday you ask?

Well, I came up with this little idea while trying to go to sleep the other night (it’s when many of my best ideas form) and decided that Monday is a great day to get you all to link up to ANY post you WANT! It could be from last week, last month, last year or just the post you wrote for your blog today.

It can be about ANYTHING you want as well! Get it? Miss Elaine-ous Monday?!

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Miss Elaine-ous Monday

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  1. I also like mine with just chips, but I use milk chocolate, not semi-sweet.

    Since this is a Monday linky I guess you want posts from the last week?

  2. Love this idea! I’m so in.

    And also a huge fan of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Seriously. It’s a big of a problem.

  3. Thank you for hosting – once my blog is back in shape (pretty please!!!) I have a Time Travel Tues – come add an old url there sometime 😉

  4. Oh you are adorable! Pure adorable! Love this and the cookie proclamations! XO

  5. ok, I hate cookies but I love your ideas.

  6. The linky is such a great idea!!

    I’m like you! I like my chocolate chip cookies pure. Don’t mess with the dough man and nobody gets hurt! :o)

  7. Not a cookie person believe it or not, but I won’t say no to a white chocolate macadamia nut, oh and macaroons… maybe I am a cookie person.

  8. Chips only…not even oatmeal at my house….great idea for misc. monday…linking up!…Go check out the pic of my Kate!

  9. There should only be chips in the cookies!

  10. I will try almost any kind of cookie. The pb M&Ms sound good to me.
    I’m going to link up today’s post here, because it’s near & dear to my heart!
    Come to my place tomorrow if you have a DysFUNctional MOMent to link up! 😉

  11. I love oatmeal raisin cookies so if anyone was to suggest messing around with that, I wouldn’t allow it!

    And great linky, Elaine!

  12. I’m all about baking but truthfully, M&M’s is my fav food EVER but in Chocolate Chip Cookies the chips are just better.

    also, here for the first time

  13. First, I LOVE chocolate chip cookies but I love almost ANY cookie, so I’ll do M&M’s or nuts in them too.

    I also linked up :) Going to put a little tag on my blog now!

  14. Yummmm….COOKIES!!

    I’ve linked up…maybe this will motivate me to finally get my blog redesigned :) new visitors!!

  15. First, this is a wonderful idea! I am running around like crazy today, but if I don’t link today, I will definitely next Monday :)

    Second, I like my chocolate chip cookies Nestle-style (NO nuts). Although I also like oatmeal chocolate chip. I prefer my M&Ms all alone in my mouth.

  16. I understand the appeal of the regular chocolate chip cookie. But I like the “monster” cookie – M&Ms, nuts, etc. Everything except raisins – yuck!

    My post today is a shameless plug for my new Etsy shop, but I promise next week will be more fun! :)

  17. Great idea. I get my best ideas while falling asleep too!

  18. Such a fun idea for a linky!

    I like chocolate chips, m&ms and pb chips in my cookies. All at once.

  19. In chocolate chip cookies I just want chips. If I wanted peanut butter cookies I would make those instead.

  20. I DO love chocolate chip cookies… but I certainly wouldn’t turn down ones with m&m’s. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a cookie I didn’t like!

  21. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! I sometimes add pecans or walnuts, but never m&m’s or other candy. I’m with you on that.

  22. I love how anything goes for this!!! I like M&M cookies ok, but I far and away prefer chips!

  23. This is a great idea! I’ll try to figure out what to link up when I get back home. And I’ll add it to my new list of link ups on my blog. Good job thinking up a creative and unique blog hop. I like that It can even be an older post.
    My favorite cookie is white choc macadamia but really I love pretty much any cookie if it’s sweet!

  24. This is a great idea! Thanks for hosting!

  25. Thanks for hosting! Getting ready to tweet about this.

  26. What a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story again. My day would go from crap to craptastic if I had a plateful of say 24 cookies in front of me with a tall glass of milk. Just sayin!

  27. Such a fun idea! I can’t wait to join in next week.

    And definitely a chips only. The husband always wants nuts added to everything. He thinks they make anything and everything better.

    I totally disagree.


  28. Ugh. Now I want cookies. I need you to bring me some immediately. Like, now. Kthxbai.

    And I love link-ups, so I’m totally in!

  29. What a great idea! Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Peanut Butter M&M’s??? AND a random Miss Elaine-ous link up? Life is good? :)

  30. I’m going to have to get here sooner in the week to link up!

    I think I’d like any of them..well, not the peanut butter M&MS, but the plain..yum!

  31. I’m in! Just linked up! :>

    I’ve never had peanut butter M&Ms in cookies, but they would probably be a hit….if we made them. I do remember making them with peaNUT M&Ms as a kid. They were called Monster Cookies and so good that almost everyone’s stomachs were not the happiest from eating too many of them. lol

  32. I am a chocolate chip cookie lover too. BUT, I don’t often bake them myself. The very best store bought ones I’ve found are from the Albertson’s bakery. They are an excellent size and have the perfect crisp to soft ratio, IMHO. I can handle other ingredients besides chips, but just chips is really the best.