Memories Captured – Little G

It’s hard to choose just one child to post a picture of when you have three.

But sometimes you just happen to snap a shot of one of them that you feel is perfect for the moment.

This is one of those pictures.

My second little boy, wearing his Cars jammies, standing in front of his name that he LOVES to spell and sporting that dimple that gets me every single time he smiles.

There’s no “big” memory here, except that he’s at THAT age – the one where we as parents just know so much is going on in their precious coconut shampoo-smelling heads as they learn and play and grow.

He still has all his baby teeth and wants me to say “I love you too” and hug and kiss him many, many times when I tuck him in at night.

It won’t always be this way so I’m taking it now.  Ten fold.


  1. Oh my heart, yes- this.

    Tenfold, indeed.

    Beautifully one, my dear friend!


  2. That is a lovely shot, Elaine. And the dimple!!!!

  3. He is a dimpled cutie!

  4. I love his name on the wall! At first I thought it was part of the added text…and yes, those dimples! They’re going to kill the ladies later on…what a cutie! Visiting through Memories Captured link up.

  5. A perfect photo of a fantastic kid

  6. What a cutie pie you have and I love the dimple.
    Sometimes I’m thinking what I would do if there wasn’t any Lego. They are my tots favorite toy.
    Enjoy the snuggles, I definitely do. Let’s hope our sons are not going to stop anytime soon. Sigh.

  7. Such a handsome young man!

  8. Oh what a fabulout picture! And yes, definitely take it all tenfold, precious moments indeed!

  9. What a cutie!! I’m melting from the cuteness over here. And those dimples.

  10. Awesome. Love this post. :)
    Such a cutie. :)

  11. Sweet boy. My little Bud is so sweet like that, and oh my does he worship his big sister. It is so sweet to watch. Except when she’s mean to him. That isn’t sweet at all.

  12. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am cherishing my night time hugs too. This really is a wonderful picture!

  14. I love the name Gavin we almost named our son that name! He has cute dimples!

  15. Very cute! Love all the colorful descriptions and that dimple is adorable!

  16. Yep. Those dimples are gonna cause a lot of heartache for some little girls in a few years.

    Dimples. They do it every time.


  17. Oh that dimple. Watch out girls!

  18. Dimples…middle school. ha. yeah. Enjoy now.

  19. So perfect. Love his expression – what a great moment to capture!

  20. I love when the “no memory worthy moments” turn out to be the ones you picture in your head and place in your heart. Just them being them! Love it!

  21. Oh yes. He’s going to change soon. But you can see what a sweet personality he has. I think he looks about the same age as my youngest – 4?

  22. He does have a huge sweet dimple! Love the picture and the words :)

  23. ooh this is perfecT!!