Listable Life {Fave T.V. Shows} & MEM

Today I’m linking up with my friend Nicole for her Listable Life series…

One of the choices for this week was to list your top 5 movies or television shows and I chose t.v. shows, so here’s my sorta short list:

1. Friends – this is kind of a no-brainer for my generation, I believe.  I still miss this show.  I kinda wish it could be on forever.  I cried when it ended.  Funny thing was, I didn’t start watching it from the very beginning.  I remember being in my dorm and passing by one of the common rooms to go do some laundry, and a bunch of students were in the room watching it.  I popped in on my way back from moving the clothes to the dryer and sat it on the rest of the episode and was like “that show’s alright…”  I had to go back and re-watch the first couple of seasons… :)

2. ER – I was a die-hard fan and watched this show from the very beginning until the bitter end.  I’ll never forget the episode where Noah Wiley’s character and the actress from Life Goes On got stabbed by that crazy guy.  That will stick with me forever. And when Dr. Green died I cried SO hard. (I also have to give NYPD Blue an honorable mention here because it was one of my favorite dramas as well).

3. Three’s Company – I could never get enough of Jack Tripper and his antics as a kid. I can still see him getting hit with that swinging kitchen door and Mrs. Roper’s awful mumu/robe/dresses and later, Mr. Furley’s crazy polyester leisure suits.  I’m pretty sure there was nary a situation of misunderstanding that this show did not explore. “Come and knock on our door…”  Also?  I wanted Chrissy’s hair.

4. Modern Family -This show makes me laugh OUT LOUD every single week.  If I have to pick a favorite character it’s totally Phil.  That man kills me! I love how dysfunctional yet sweet they all are.  Maybe because I can relate. *cough*

5. The Wonder Years – I loved this show because even though it was set in a different era, I was about “Kevin Arnold”‘s age while it was on and could relate to so many of his feelings, etc.  And I loved the family dynamics and the friendships – oh, and the theme song “With a Little Help From My Friends”. (other honorable mention sitcoms I loved – Growing Pains and Family Ties.  Oh and Who’s The Boss… And anyone for some Facts of Life?  Okay, I’m done.. I think… )

6. Lost (the first season) – Lost sorta “lost” me during season 2 but every episode of the first season BLEW me away.  I was hooked from the first one with the plane crash, until “Walt” got nabbed by “The Others” at the end of the season.

Other shows I thought of while typing this list: Two and Half Men, before Charlie sheen went totally nuts, was REALLY funny when it first started. I also loved Cheers and Dallas in the 80’s.  Oh and Happy Days, before the Fonze jumped the shark of course, and Dynasty.  Anyone remember Knots Landing and Falcon Crest?  Yeah, my parents let me watch these shows! Can you believe?

*I realize this turned into much longer than a list of 5 or 6 but I watched a lot of t.v. as a kid.  If you couldn’t tell…

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  1. The only show I didn’t watch on your list is LOST. But, as a neat piece of trivia, the twins were almost featured a birthing scene in the finale (we lived in Hawaii). But, they had yet to be released from the NICU and I was a little too nervous to have them go to a studio and shoot scenes just after getting out. BUT, it was totally neat to chat with the casting director. :-) I have every episode of friends on DVD and Modern Family is a riot! LOVE. My linky goes live on Tuesdays when I’ll have my Listable Life posts go up. Thanks for joining in on the fun Elaine!

  2. Lucy! Her name was Lucy from ER and I remember laying in bed crying and yelling at my TV that they couldn’t kill Lucy!

  3. I’m pretty sure you and I could be besties IRL. :)

  4. Y’know, I can and will happily watch reruns of Friends for the whole day :)

  5. I loved Dynasty when it was on – even though I didn’t understand half of it. I got into Dallas when I was in college and I’m kinda excited for the new version of it coming on. I never did watch Lost – except for the premiere and the finale. I don’t watch a lot of series TV these days – but I do like Switched At Birth and Suburgatory….so different from my soap opera days!

  6. So fun! Friends rocks! We still watch the reruns. Lost was a-ma-zing! The first couple of seasons were good, the third and fourth went wacky, but the last season totally brought it all back together and made it worth every minute! Loved that show. Modern Family is the bomb! That and THe Big Bang Theory are my fave sitcoms right now. The Good Wife, Parenthood and NCIS are my fave dramas. I lurve me some Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds, but it’s getting harder and harder to watch now that we have munchkins. Too disturbing. Old shows from childhood I loved were Cosby Show, Family Ties, Little House On the Prairie, Dukes of Hazzard. I would fake being asleep on the couch so I could stay up and watch The Rockford Files and Starsky and Hutch. Ha! great post.

  7. Loved Friends – did you ever watch Mad About You? That was very fun way back … never did Lost and then was grateful when everyone was mad at it!

  8. I’m just like you. I loved the first season of Lost, but then after that I just couldn’t watch it anymore.

    Sometimes when I can’t sleep I’ll watch Friends on Nick. It comes on every night at 10:00 for a couple of hours.

  9. I was a devoted follower of Friends until near the end. I have seen all of the episodes now, but I joined a womens group that met on Thursday nights and so didn’t see the last couple of seasons in a row.

    I have never watched an episode of Lost!

    I watched ER with my parents, but stopped watching when I went to college. I watched Dynasty sometimes as a kid. I liked the Wonder Years too.

    My college girlfriends and I loved watching Dawson’s Creek. :)

  10. I loved loved loved The Wonder Years, and Three’s Company! I also loved That 70’s Show, and Friends, and Cheers. :)

  11. Ohmygoodness friend, how much do I *love* that you have Three’s Company on your list?!

    {And yes, Friends will so always be a swooner!}

  12. Ooohhh…I always loved me some Three’s Company.

    Mostly because back in “my day” it was kinda taboo and I wasn’t allowed to.

    Which made it all that much more watchable to me.

  13. We watched the same shows! I also wish Friends could have gone on forever. I’m still addicted to it!

  14. My fav is Friends. When ever I watch reruns now it feels so familiar. Scary thing is my son that is in high school now likes the show. Wow, time sure does fly bye!

  15. Oooh, all of this. Except Lost. And the Cosby Show!

  16. Seriously – can they just bring back friends – not some remake of friends but friends are they are now? I would love to see them in parenthood! Also linked up to misc. Monday! How fun! Happy to find your blog!

  17. What a fun list. I SO loved (and miss) ER. I think I cried when it went off air and that was before tivo let me watch it whenever I wanted. I was always home Thursday nights for that show.

    Great list!

  18. I hate to say it, but I haven’t watched any of those shows, well maybe Friends in syndication. I was more of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon rocks) girl. Great list!

  19. Oh, Friends. Such a classic. There is a new Wednesday show (Happily Ever After or something like that), we are always saying it’s a new friends.

    And, holy ER..every time I hear that version of Somewhere over the Rainbow, I get all weepy.

    modern family..hilarious.

    But, would you believe I never got into Lost?