Life Shotz – A Review

Do you feel tired a lot of the time?  Do you wonder what is the best way to get all those vitamins and minerals that are recommended for our healthy bodies?  Do you want to be in a better mood around your kids and family?


I have a friend from junior high and high school that I recently re-connected with on Facebook.  After chatting for a bit I discovered that she is very much in to fitness and health.  So much so that she has based her livelihood around in the last few years.

Colleen was a swimmer when were younger and was always fit and healthy so it made sense when I found out that she has created her own set of DVDs for new and busy moms called The New Mommy Makeover (more on this later).
And she also sells a dietary supplement called Life Shotz.  In our talking she asked if I would possibly like to try it out and and I figured, “why not?”  She also sent a box for Tim so that we could each try it for 10 days.  You simply use one packet a day and add it to any drink you like.  I add it to plain water and it tastes great just like that.
Life Shotzbenefits include increased immunity, better mood, natural energy and an age-defying formula.  Sounds good yes?
I have to say, the benefits are subtle but good.  Tim and I experienced some of the same things after several days of taking Life Shotz.
First of all, K got sick with an ear infection while we were drinking Life Shotz and neither of us got sick.  My allergies even seemed less as well.  
I also did not feel that normal “drag” around 3p.m. that I usually feel, after several days of taking Life Shotz.   Plus, I am pretty sure my mood was somewhat better because I remember being more chill around the kids too! 😉
Tim said he felt better recovery after his workouts and he seemed to be in a pretty good mood too, from what I remember.  He also commented that he was just generally not as tired after his long days at work.
Besides our own experience with Life Shotz, you can also read many others who have used it and their personal reviews here.
Lastly, life shots does not contain any “junk”
  • No Gluten
  • No Caffeine
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • No Artificial Flavors
From the website:
“With millions of chemical interactions taking place in every cell of your body, Life Shotz works at the cellular level to give you the total nutrition you need to wake up happy, to stay focused and positive during your daily grind and to power through every workout like the juggernaut you are.”
(which, you know, a “workout” could be putting the sheets on your kids bed in the corner of the room… I’m just saying…) 😉

Not to mention, Life Shotz is chock full of the GOOD stuff!

You can also watch this short and informative video on the science behind Life Shotz.

I would recommend trying Life Shotz to anyone, especially busy Moms like me who are on the go most of the time (okay, let’s face it, all the time!).  It’s possible that more energy, healthier skin and a better mood are in your future and who doesn’t want to try that, right?

If you are interested in trying the 10-day challenge and experiencing the wonderful benefits of Life Shotz please contact Colleen Riddle by clicking HERE
You can also follow Life Shotz on Facebook and Twitter

*I was sent 2 10-day trial boxes of Life Shotz for review and no other compensation was given for this review.  All opinions are of course, my own. 


  1. I’m pretty sure that 3PM is the WORST time of day for me. I am exhausted and I always start wanting to snack too much (probably for more energy). This sounds like it might be great for me!

  2. Sounds like something I need – I just started the 30 Day Shred this morning and I’m aching all over :)

  3. Yeah, I’m with Greta. Right around 3 I reach for something. I’m all for anything that offers an immunity boost and natural energy. have to check out this product. Thanks!

  4. I didn’t even need to read all of this (though I did) to know I’ll try it. I feel drained all day every day and having something that would help even that out without caffeine or other added crap? Deal.

  5. Alison, the 30 day shred is killer!!

  6. Life Shotz has been a game changer for me! I used to drag after lunch and had to take a power nap every day. No more! And my chocolate cravings disappeared! I love a company that stands behind the product with a 100% guarantee!!

  7. Hmmm I think I could use this, it’s not even 3 and i’m already dragging.

  8. I have been looking into “the perfect vitamin” for a while now. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no ONE vitamin and the two I take now are HUGE horse pills that I have to take three times a day. Sounds crazy. Maybe I’ll just give this a shot. Sounds fab! Thanks!

  9. That’s awesome. Subtle changes are probably a good thing, actually!

  10. Oh thanks so much for posting about this E! I think I need something like this!

    {So. Tired!!}

  11. That sounds wonderful. Energy. And wellness. Does it have artificial sweeteners?