Life is a Highway (or a suburban street, whatever)

We are in that in between spot of the year, before the time changes again and it’s still light out at 6:30.
The kids have energy to burn after dinner so they pull out pretty much every toy that has wheels from the garage and into our long driveway.  I sit on the bench nearby and let the finally cool-ish breeze grace my face.
Thirty seconds on a scooter here, one minute in the plastic car and then pretending to put gas in it.
Then they choose their “racing” wheels and line up in the middle of our pretty un-busy street.

On your mark.  Get set.  GO!

It is especially cute when K says it. :-)
And yes, G prefers the pink trike.  Wanna make somethin’ of it?!?
Oh and I think K is channeling “Sandy” from Grease in this pic.  She’s just preparing for her role someday… 

These photos were taken of my three on the 3rd.
(I try to do this every month!)
(as inspired by my friend Steph)
p.s. B has a temporary tattoo on his face in these pics, that he got at school that day. 
he does not have some weird growth or injury.

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  1. Mine are all about the bikes and scooters too. I’ll be sad when we change the time and lose that daylight.

  2. Ack, so cute!!!

  3. So cute!!! Its wonderful when they get to an age that they can all play together!!

  4. A lovely week captured by lovely as ever you. Love. xo

  5. I love K in that first picture. So funny. Yea for not busy streets.

  6. Love this, Elaine!! I love the pink trike and the Grease moves and that they can still play outside after dinner. I’m really not looking forward to winter.

  7. Super cute. LOL at K out there in just her socks.

  8. Great photos! So cute.
    And I love when a boy likes pink. Shows that he is very sure of himself. My oldest had a thing for hot pink for the last year (i think he did it mostly to see if he could get a rise out of people). I kept telling him, real mean aren’t afraid to like pink. :)

  9. That is too adorable.
    Look at that fun on their faces :)

  10. So CUTE. And fun – I can almost hear the chatter and giggles. :)

  11. I would pick the pink trike too if I had a choice.

  12. I had totally forgotten that the time is going to change soon…boo! I love the grease moves!!!

  13. So cute! I love the Grease shot. It’s classic. :)

  14. That last picture is SO CUTE! It looks like they have a blast! And pink trikes are awesome. Obviously, he’s secure in his masculinity. :)

  15. I totally see her in Grease some day. I just love it.

  16. Is she just wearing socks? Please tell me yes because my daughter is always playing outside in only her socks and I feel like a horrible parent. So if I know there is another parent out there who allows it {and takes pictures of it}, I will feel much better!