LIfe in an iPhone

Once again, I am thankful for the little moments in my life that I can capture with my phone.  My big camera has been reserved for photo shoots lately (I do ADORE my little side job!) so it seems that my kids and other life stuff gets recorded on my phone instead.

So here’s my week or so in phone (Instagram) photos…

This child twirls her hair when sleepy.  She makes her own curls this way.

Only thing to say about this one? SWOON.
I finally framed my medal, photo and shoe tag from my half marathon.  I kinda love that my foot is right in the middle of the finish line in that photo. 

Have you heard of bulletproof coffee?  You can read about it here… And yes, that IS butter.
Katie and I had lunch outside at the neighbors’ playground the other day. She loves hummus! :)

This was my view from my Adirondack chair in the backyard the other day… 
I love that metal gate. And Fall. 

Tim and I rode in a limo on Friday night to a charity event his company sponsored. 
 It was my first real limo ride.

We got the tree up on Saturday.  G was my biggest helper with ornament placement, for REALS!

The kids and I hit up the local Christmas parade on Sunday.  And of course, as with any parade in LA, there were beads. 😉
K and I found this sweet little garden.  Shhh… It’s a secret one…

What have YOU been taking photos of this week?

Do share…

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  1. Love that magical garden!!! And you look so lovely in your night out!

  2. Stunning! Your pictures are magical.

  3. You have such an eye, Elaine! Gorgeous photos.

  4. So sweet and bulletproof coffee? Never heard of it, but I saw the butter and I. AM. SOLD :)Butter makes everything better.

  5. You’ve captured that with your phone??? Amazing!

  6. I wish I was techy-friendly. I have an android, but never use the instagram function. Just too much for this old brain to wrap around.

    Love your photos of the ballerina. Precious.

  7. I love these pics!


  8. No telling what “we’ve” been taking pictures of…every time I pick up my camera, I find little photogs 1000 shots of themselves.

  9. Great shots! And yes- my big camera too often rests for just photo shoots too. But the iPhone is great as I always have it! How fun to have your first limo ride! Love the tree shot

  10. So many wonderful shots! I love getting a glimpse into your life through your phone. Pictures can make us all feel close when we are far away.
    Btw, you all nailed date night!! You both look amazing!!

  11. I love that picture of you and your hubs! Great looking couple. And all of your girl. But buttered coffee? I might be willing to try it, if it weren’t for all of the requirements!

  12. I LOVED seeing your week in pictures!!!! They are all so fabulous!

  13. Love your photos!
    That secret garden is awesome.
    It’s already winter here in Canada – no snow, but definitely no garden like that anymore…
    Also – I used to twirl my hair just like that when they were longer and so did my daughter 😉

  14. I love the photo of you crossing the finish line. It is so very perfect!

  15. I LOVE all your pictures.

    And this butter in coffee thing… interesting.

  16. Caroline grabbed a handful of hummus from my plate today and made the funniest face ever! I hope it meant she liked it! I’m glad you framed your race stuff. What an awesome accomplishment that was!

  17. You get the best shots on your camera. I have been slacking in the photo department this week.

  18. OMG the mirror pic and the secret garden pic are breathtaking! You really have an amazing eye, mama. Seriously.

  19. I love all the pinks in the secret garden photo. You need to open an gallery. Or whatever it is called.

  20. Yay for a a date night! Much needed as always!

    And butter with coffee. That’s not right.

  21. Love this! What a wonderful way to document your week! I tried this once. And all I got from it was that I like to take pictures of half eaten food and the mess my kids make of my house. Boo. 😉