Jump Around

As you can all see the blog has been made-over! My friend Christy of Ruby & Roja Design did a fabulous job, don’t you think? I super duper puffy heart triple love it! Tim even commented on how the colors are a variation on Mardi Gras colors and how that is somewhat fitting for our new home.

I love that man. And no, he’s not gay.

AND….. I’ve gone DOT.COM! So you should now be redirected to www.misselaineouslife.com. Please grab my new button too (especially if you had the old one up) and post it on your site if you’d like. The code is right there on the left sidebar. (I’d post it here but can’t seem to figure that out – just another reason I have OTHER people re-design my blog!)

Anyway, I hope y’all like it as much as I do!


BlogHer is JUST around the corner and I’m getting quite excited. Only problem is I can’t really remember what parties I RSVPed for. I remember The People’s Party and I’m pretty sure there was one other one but now I don’t know which one it was. Hmmmm…

I’m excited to hang out with Haley again (my roomie!) as well as Christy and Lisa and of course meet SO many bloggers that I admire and read consistently including her and her and her and her and her and her.

As far as my wardrobe goes, I guess I should get on that, huh? I would like to buy a couple of things before-hand but may just have to work with what I’ve already got.

Also, I will have a giveaway this week for my sponsor Announcements Galore so please come back (THURSDAY) to enter. They have been gracious enough to sponsor my registration for the conference and and I thank them SO much for that!


The house is coming along nicely (except for the oven issue) and I thought I’d share a few pics of the rooms where we spend most of our time – the kitchen/breakfast area and the living room. Keep in mind that we are renting so we cannot paint and although the entire house is painted a lovely khaki color, I would still change a few of the room colors is if I could. Like the kitchen. But it still looks nice.

I love those windows over the sink. They look out onto the driveway and many trees that are wonderful for bird watching!

This breakfast area (and our lone dining area) is SO much bigger than our old one and I love the windows here too.

This is looking into the massive living room from the front doors. This is the t.v. watching area. Oh and some blogging might go on while I’m sitting on that couch.

This is the toy/play area that is to the left and behind the tv watching area. I’m thinking of getting some carpet tiles for this area since the whole room is ceramic tile. Anyone have them and like them?

This is the back wall of that same room (notice one of end of huge train track the boys play with). We put our other sofa there because although it would have fit in our bedroom, it did NOT fit through the hallway TO the bedroom. It seems to work fine in here though.

The space in this house is seriously awesome. The outside leaves a little to be desired so no pic of that at this point and besides, it’s too “dern” hot to be out there right now anyway!

Lastly, thank you SO MUCH for your comments on this post the other day. You really are an amazing community and I’m so glad I am able to bring you all with me, even when I move!

The hubs starts his new “gig” today so life will start to be more normal and routine and that is really when I thrive. So even though he’s gone again all day for work, at least he comes home every night instead of being in a different city for most of them. YAY!

Okay, think I’m done jumping around today. I’ve got LOADS of laundry to do so I’m off…



  1. You have a beautiful home.

    I can’t wait to hear all about BlogHer!!! have a great time!

  2. I love the new look blog!
    Your house is beautiful. I hope you start to feel settled soon, and meet new people who live nearby.

  3. I love the new blog look. The colors are right up my ally! Very purty!

    The house looks fabulous! :)

  4. What a beautiful home you have, both on the internet and in real life! :)

  5. Loving the new blog makeover! Very pretty! Wish i had the money for one myself or a friend with the ability. I will be grabbing the new button shortly.

    You have a beautiful new house but i can understand how you dont feel at home. It would be so nice if you could paint and make it more of a home for you all.

  6. Three things:
    The new blog design looks great.
    I can’t wait for BlogHer Weeee!!!
    Your rental rocks!

  7. First of all, I would LIVE in that beautiful kitchen and I adore all of your shelves.. What a beautiful home for your family Elaine. I love it.

  8. Where do I start?
    I love your new design, I love your house and I hope to see meet you in Chicago when I go up there on Friday!

  9. Love all that space!!!

  10. That looks amazing!!!!
    I love all the space for the kids!

  11. I love your new house, Elaine! I love the pics, and all the room! You could not have asked for a better house for little kids! They can happily run around in it! Yay! :) Lovely!

  12. The house looks great. You have been there less than two weeks and it looks like you have lived there for a year. Claudia and I have been in our house almost a year and it looks less lived in. We really need to put up more stuff on our walls.

    I hope things are going well there and we really miss you guys. We will see you next month at our house for the shower.

  13. Yay! So glad y’all are getting settled.

  14. The house looks wonderful! I love the Kitchen!

    I CANNOT WAIT to hang out with you either! We are gonna have a ball!

  15. I wish I was going to BlogHer. Sounds like lots of fun. And maybe I would actually have something to post. :)

    That kitchen is screaming for color! The cabinets would stand out so much with a splash of color on the walls. Too bad you can’t change it.

    The house looks good, though, and like you’ve made it your own.

  16. The house is beautiful! I am in awe at how much you have gotten done in the short time you have been there! I especially love the kitchen. How amazing are those windows?

    Your blog looks fantastic too! And congrats on going .COM! Hope you have fun next week at BlogHer. I’ll be living vicariously through you :-)

  17. It looks fantastic!!! YAY the new house! It all looks so nice and so quickly too. Its amazing how much a pregnant mommy can get done isn’t it! The new blog looks fantastic!!!

  18. It looks fantastic!!! YAY the new house! It all looks so nice and so quickly too. Its amazing how much a pregnant mommy can get done isn’t it! The new blog looks fantastic!!!

  19. Love the new blog and the new house! Yay for routines and getting settled in :)

  20. Love the new blog.
    Love the new house. That kitchen is awesome!
    I wish I was going to BlogHer!

  21. The Peoples Party is the only one I know I didn’t RSVP for, and I wanna go:( By the time I got around to it, they had closed it:P

  22. that is the nicest rental house i have ever seen!!! thanks for the tour :)

  23. Your house looks amazing! Definitely the best rental I’ve seen. It looks like you’re getting situated nicely. :)
    And your new blog design is great too!

  24. I’m loving your new look girlfriend! Seriously–LOVE it!

    Your house is gorgeous! Our house has a lot of ceramic tile in it, too…maybe it’s a southern coast thing?

    Have fun at BlogHer! I can’t wait to hear how much fun you had!

  25. You are so lucky to be going to BlogHer! I hope you have an awesome time. I’ll live vicariously through your posts about it.

    Your new house is seriously awesome too! Love it!

  26. The house looks amazing…. way to go E. Can’t wait to meet you soon.

  27. It must be so nice to have space. I’m in a way too small place, now, with way too many toys!

    PS – your brown sofa looks like mine. 😀

  28. oh your new house is so pretty! As is your new blog design! :) Congrats!

  29. Your house looks great. I cannot believe that it is a rental. Wow.

    And your blog makeover. LOVE it to pieces. Seriously. Adding your blog button to my blog right now.

  30. The house looks great! Can’t wait to meet you next week :)

  31. LOVIN your new design!!

  32. The new house looks seriously awesome!! I believe how settled it already looks. You are amazing.

    Lovin the new Mardi Gras theme too!

  33. Your house looks gorgeous! Glad you have a nice place to call home while you make Lafayette your home!

    And, I am SERIOUSLY impressed that you already have pictures on your walls and books on shelves – WOW! That is AMAZING!!!

  34. I’ve already told you how much I love the new blog design but I’m sure you don’t mind double compliments. It looks so cute!

    Your house does look really spacious and I really like how you have everything set up. Very nice!

    I didn’t even consider going to BlogHer this year, but now that everyone is talking about it I’m starting to feel a little regret about not going. I’m sure you are going to have a fantastic time!

  35. Congrats on going dot com!!! That is so exciting and especially since you are goign to Blogher next week!

    And your house! Wow! That rental is much nicer than our owned house. And 1,000 times bigger too :)

    Ps I must get Angella to hug you for me – she’s the only one I actually know IRL that will be there! Have a blast

Jump Around

I think the world stopped rotating on it’s axis last night… for a few minutes anyway.

Yes folks, for the first time in a LONG TIME I didn’t post the night before.

I was up late emailing the Favorite Food Swap participants their partner’s info. AND their aren’t even THAT many of you! : ) But hey, for our first swap and for it being the holidays I think we did pretty good! For those of you participating, thanks and I can’t wait to see what everyone gets!

On another subject.

The running.

Yes, I am still running. And Yes. Today is THE day. This morning after I drop the kiddos off at pre-school, I will mostly run my first 5K. {takes deep breath}. I can hardly believe it’s true. Just ’cause well… I’ve ALWAYS said I would never run unless chased. And now. Look at me. Just goes to show with some hard work and determination you can do anything. (and yes, I do sound like my father…)

Now I just need to get outside and run. I am going to do the “Jiggle Butt” 5K on January 3rd with some of my girlfriends and it may be pretty cold (as Texas goes) that day and I have only been running on the treadmill at the gym so it may be a little different for me.

But, here I am. Today. About to mostly run my first 5K.

So… if YOU are wondering if YOU could do it. I’m gonna go ahead and say “YES YOU CAN!” : )

Oh and on ANOTHER subject…

Me and some of my girlfriends got together for our mostly annual ornament exchange last Saturday night.

By the way, while we were together we made two important discoveries:

1. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate peppermint creme filled Joe Joe’s are TO.DIE.FOR

2. (and this is a BIG one!) My husband travels to a city every other week that has 5 (yes 5!!!!) Trader Joe’s. Can you believe it took me this LONG to figure that out? Yeah… I’m a little slow. So now… I’m not so upset about the travelling anymore. Just kidding….. sort of….

Ok, I think I am done jumping around now….

And, the earth can now begin it’s normal rotation again… ; )



  1. Go girl go! Run RUN RUN!! :)

    I love how the cat got in on the photo… ha ha ha. So funny….

    I am SO excited for the food exchange! :)

  2. oh – you must have him get the peanut butter cups – at lest once! Those are sinful!

  3. I’m so proud of you for running.

    I so need to do that.

  4. Look at you go! Yeah for running! I am just so proud of you! Good luck on your first 5K. I know you’ll do great! The adrenaline will help a lot. Have fun!!!!! :)

  5. Good luck on your run!

    Come join me for Reindeer Games later

  6. I am so proud of you!!! And jealous! And fat! Don’t get lost. That was always my cop-out. Besides the fact I can’t run.

  7. Love how the cat snuck into the shot!

    I’ve only been to TJ’s when my girlfriend’s and I have our weekends away, we don’t have one close…well 35 miles I guess.

  8. Good luck on your run. I think it’s easier to run when there is a slight chill in the air (well, except for the fact that my nose runs)!

  9. I’ve seen in to your future and you only ran most of the 5K but I am still very proud of you… how do keep getting pushed down on your TJ supplier line?

  10. Yay for the 5k! You are doing awesome :)

  11. Ok– #1, Im sorry I didnt sign up for the swap..i kept meaning to, but I have been going crazy.

    #2- I keep reading about Trader Joe’s. I think I must need to go. I have never been! But I am afraid of what it will do to my addictions!

    #3– thats amazing!!! I told my friend I would do a half marathon with her, so i need to get started!! Good luck!

  12. The cat totally cracked me up! Cute :-)

    And you are looking smoking hot there girlfriend! Love that colour on you.

    Yay for the food exchange!

    And see Twitter for my running pep talk 😉

  13. I can’t wait to hear how your run went today! And I can’t wait to do the Jiggle Butt Run… I just hope I show up with even less jiggle than I have right now!

  14. I have a Trader Joes around the corner from me, love it.

    Loved the picture of the girls and cat, how cute.

  15. i love that you can run for me :) your a wonderful friend you know that?

    and loving the shirt you are wearing in the picture – super cute!

  16. Oooh, you go girl! Hope the 5K went great. It’s a cold day for it!

  17. Run Forrest Run!

    Have you given Hubs a long list for a TJ’s run? I am sure he is thrilled : ).

  18. You are awesome when it comes to running a 5k – I can only dream of doing something like that. you go girl!

  19. Si Se Puede!!! Yes you can!!

    So how did it go???

    Stop by and enter in my many giveaways midnight is the deadline!

  20. I can’t believe you attempted 5 miles!! You are awesome!1

    I ran 8 minutes on the treadmill last week and I was soooo proud of myself. I’m still waiting, any day now, for Den to stop making fun of me…

  21. Can’t wait to hear about your 5k run! I only run on the treadmill and I was worried about how I would do when I did the Turkey Trot, but I actually did better than I do on the treadmill…I think the adrenaline helps you out!

  22. So how did the run go? And you are brave for running in January (I know I’m running in December, but whatever). Keep up the good work!

  23. How was the run???? So proud of you for getting our there and doing it!

  24. I go to TJ’s all the time and haven’t gotten the Jo-Jo’s yet but you have convinced me to get some this weekend….