It’s Up!

We put out all the Christmas decorations on Saturday and I have to say it was pretty stress-free.

The B Man had fun putting “non breakable” ornaments on the bottom part of the tree, which has dual purpose: first of all so he wouldn’t break any of them while handling them and also so that Little G won’t break them all month long! (p.s. if we get away without that happening STILL, we will be very lucky…)

I didn’t take any pictures because for some reason I was TIRED that morning and apparently lifting a camera is really exhausting. I took several decorating “breaks” and we didn’t rush through. Trust me when I was say it was very nice.

So, we are all “Christmasified” around here. How ’bout you?



  1. Beautiful my friend, simply beautiful!!

    Christmasfied here too. And loving it!! :)

  2. It is beautiful. I am dragging my feet. My little guy is so distructive I had even thought about not putting up a tree. The Mister talked me out of that, so maybe tomorrow we will get going.

  3. What a beautiful tree!
    I am definitely in the Christmas spirit early this year. Never have I had such a jump on my Christmas shopping before. It is awesome! :)

  4. Beautiful tree! Mine is up too, but nothing else is up. Maybe soon we will have other greens and lights up. Maybe…..

  5. Pretty. We put our decorations up today (Sunday). Now that they are up I am loving it, but I’m never as patient with the kids as I should be. It didn’t help that today we had more than one light debacle. And this is the first Christmas we have a baby that can crawl, but is not quite to the point of understanding the word “no.” Butterfly has already pulled ornaments down, so we will all be keeping a close eye on her.

    Still, I love the peacefulness of our tree all lit up and the other lights off. So nice.

  6. I love it! We did our trees today, but the photos haven’t happened. Yet.

  7. Beautiful tree! I am an “all white lights” kinda person too. Although, we are not venturing into putting our tree up again this year since Caden will surely be attempting to climb it and we are going to be gone for Christmas…But, I will miss having a tree….maybe next year, I don’t think Cole is going to be as rambunctious as Caden is!

  8. So pretty!!! Now come do mine, okay?!

  9. Your tree looks SO beautiful! I love all the lights on it! We only have 2 strands on ours, and I think I need to buy about 20 more!
    We put ours up this afternoon. I haven’t taken any pics yet 😉

  10. WOW-beautiful tree!
    I do the all white lights as well, I simply love it!

    We will be doing ours next weekend-tradition around here-1st weekend of December.

  11. Beautiful tree. Mine is still in a box and the ornaments are in my daughter’s basement. Hopefully it will all come together this weekend.

  12. It’s just beautiful :)

    I hope we can get up our tree soon but the weekend got away from us :(

  13. lovely tree!! i’m going to try to get started on decorating today. :)

  14. Wow. You’re done? We try to follow the holidays and stick to St Nicholas Day to Epiphany, so while some stuff is up, we won’t do the tree until next Saturday…and considering we won’t be here, I’m not going all out this year. Congrats on getting it done!

  15. Beautiful tree!

  16. My tree looks a bit charlie brown next to yours. Then again mine is fake and was made for a tiny space with low ceilings…we now have a large space and 10′ ceilings.

  17. It’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. Your tree looks great! Gorgeous! I have all my Decor up as well, I guess I need to snap some photos!

    We are not putting up a tree this year though because between the cat and a toddler, we decided it was just not a good idea.

  19. You have a fabulous tree!
    Feel free to come on over and make mine pretty too!

  20. gorgeous – sparkly!!

  21. I’m not Christmasfied yet. I’m in Louisiana temporarily for a funeral. It’s a long drive from Dallas…8 hours. Totally interfered with my Thanksgiving, but hey, when death hits, it’s not picky.

  22. Not yet, I have as strict no Christmas decoration before Dec 1 rule…or I’ll be ripping the clutter down by about Dec 15 😉

    Your tree looks great! My shots of the lit tree never turn out, yours is awesome!

  23. Not yet but we have the boxes of decorations up from the basement. That’s a start i guess. We will have our tree up by this weekend!

  24. Very nice, Elaine! :)

    Yes, very sparkly…

  25. Pretty Snazzy! We did ours Friday after we got back from NY I hope to have pictures up soon!

  26. Your tree is beautiful!


  27. NICE job – it looks fantastic. I’m so impressed it went so well!! We have not gotten ours yet, maybe next weekend if the weather is nice.

  28. Your tree looks fab. With two little ones, I think we are just going to put up a miniature one on the mantle. I don’t feel like fighting about ornaments.

    We will put up our nativity scene, though.

  29. Yay!

    It looks great Elaine. Stunning! We have ours up too.

  30. totally christmasified here friend :)

    there is nothing better!!

  31. It looks beautiful!

    We have the decorations up and we get our tree on Saturday. Then we will be all Christmasified too!

  32. So gorgeous, I love it.
    I really want to put mine up, but I can’t stand all the little fingers ripping off the decorations:)

  33. gorgeous! I am so jealous that you have your tree and decorations up.

  34. Very very lovely! I hope mine is as stress free.

  35. Your tree is gorgeous! I love all white lights but hubby likes the colored ones…and being the nice person I am, I go along with that. But I think I do need to get some galands to up the classy factor on mine!

  36. It looks gorgeous! I love it!

  37. I haven’t been visiting blogs much the last week with all I’ve had going on, but I wanted to tell you how pretty your tree is!

  38. awesome job! love it

  39. VERY Nice!

  40. Your tree is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine.

  41. Love your tree. Very elegant!