He’s Three!

It’s pretty late as I’m posting these words about my sweet, darling ‘Gavie’. I just finished baking the ice cream cone cupcakes for his party…

He’s THREE years old and my heart swells just thinking about the day he was born. The minute they showed him to me in the O.R. and I saw that cute ‘button’ nose of his, I melted. And well, I haven’t been the same since.

There are days that I can be in a horrible mood and he flashes his adorable, dimpled smile and I can’t help but smile back.

Lately he’s showing so many signs of being a bigger boy, that it breaks my heart a little. He’s definitely no longer a ‘baby’, even though he’ll always be mine, of course…

He’s going ‘tee-tee’ on the potty (wahoo!) and he follows his brother around like a little shadow, repeating what he says and listening to his direction while they play together. He’s also talking up a storm and will go into long diatribes about certain things such as what happened on the latest Tom & Jerry episode (one benefit of having an older brother, you get to watch “T&J”)

Around the holidays he became quite the fan of Toy Story and he loves to play with ‘Buzz’ and ‘Woody’. He also likes to play with Play-Doh A LOT and enjoys coloring and watercolor painting.

Many days for lunch I make him a ‘Gavie Sandwich’ which consists of one piece of bread sliced in half, a little light mayo, one piece of turkey and one piece of cheese. He continues to LOVE all fruit, especially berries and we often tease and say he could be a ‘fruitetarian’. He also loves ‘yogurt drinks’ and pretty much any dairy.

Since he and his big brother share a room, he’s used to going to bed at the same time (with some exceptions) and most nights Daddy reads a book and tucks them in. Many nights I go in to round out the bed time routine with prayers. When I ask G what he’s thankful to Jesus for he usually goes on about some nonsense and then adds “Mommy, Daddy, Ben and Katie.”

And “Meow- Meow”. Yes, his beloved little stuffed cat that goes EVERYWHERE with us. He is most certainly in his prayers. 😉

He’s still not a fan of being dropped off at his little school but he does have a good time while he’s there. He no longer naps regularly (although he does at his school) but will often fall asleep in the car when we go get The B Man from school.

Right now he likes to play outside and ride on his little four-wheeler that he calls his “charged-up race car.” He also likes bubbles and he loves going to the pool and MUST have his little polka dotted “floatie” every time we go swimming.

He LOVES sweets (NO idea who he got that from…*whistling*) and juice, although he doesn’t get the latter very often anymore (I’m just trying to cut out more sugar).

He can be a little “spitfire” at times and has a bit of a temper but he can usually get over things pretty quickly and move on from them.

On our evening walks he’s taken to wanting to walk on the sidewalk by himself or run while holding my hand. He has a pretty good throw for a three-year old and I can see him really liking sports. He even wanted to play soccer with The B Man and his teammates earlier in the Spring.

People comment on his utter cuteness (what? I’m his Mother, of course he’s the cutest thing) pretty much any where we go. And although I’m not sure where he got them, I personally love his hazel eyes.

And to my Little G, I want you to know you’ve captured my heart from day one and I feel so blessed that God gave you to me. I love you so much and hope you have a great party and a wonderful time this year as you grow bigger and learn more. I’m so excited to see where this next year takes you and I love you so, so much.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, lovable little joy!!

Some pics from this last year…
And watch out for the last one, it’s shocking what a big boy he looks like. *sigh*



  1. Happy Birthday Gavin!

  2. Happy BIrthday handsome!!!

    Even 3 yr old boys can fight and move on…I notice that men do that do and use women have trouble with that…maybe it starts out right as toddlers!!
    Have a cupcake for me, I cannot wait to see the party pics!

  3. Happy birthday cutie patootie!!!!

    Tell Mommy the pictures are awesome and she needs to send me the recipe for the ice cream cone cakes.


  4. Happy Birthday to your big three year old boy. Oh my god, the picture of his backside in those adorable pjs. My heart.

  5. Happy Birthday, Gavin!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy. Hope he had a great party. My son turns three in a month and I can hardly believe it either.

  7. happy birthday to your handsome guy! wow 3!

  8. Happy Birthday, G! I love the superman picture! Those are priceless.

  9. Happy Birthday, sweet, adorable, wildchild Gavie!! You’re right, I did do a double take at the last few pictures. He is looking SO big, I almost wouldn’t recognize him. I remember him as a just-turned-one year old. :o)

  10. He is so cute!!!! I love the pic of Superman picking his nose- pure awesomeness. Happy Birthday little dude.

  11. He is so precious (but then again I think all of your children are darling!)!

    They grow up way too fast!

    PS: Will you share how you made those awesome lookin’ cupcakes? Pretty please?

  12. Oh those pictures! What a beautiful boy! He looks so big in that baseball hat. You can almost picture him as a teenager. And that last pic! AHHH!!!

    Happy Birthday, Gavin!

  13. Oh, he is so precious! Happy Birthday, Little G!! What a wonderful Mother’s story for his birthday.

  14. Gorgeous.

  15. Aw, what a sweet post to your little man!

    And those pictures are all frame worthy! He’s so adorable.