It’s Finally Halloween

It seems like it took forever for the actual Halloween day to get here after all the pre-holiday festivities! Ben also had a party at school yesterday where the kids paraded around in their costumes and got treats from the church staff and from their classmates. But it’s finally REALLY the big night and once again the boys are all dressed up! Aren’t the frog and chicken cute together?! After a quick dinner (cereal and peas for Gavin) we were off to “Trunk or Treat” at our church. It’s a great event where people park their cars in our church parking lot and decorate their “trunks” for the holiday and give out candy from the back of their car or SUV. It’s great for the little kids especially. Unfortunately I didn’t get too many pics of the event because my camera ran out of power but here are a a couple of pics before hand.

Gavin before his dinner

Ben waiting to Trunk or Treat!
Me with my chicken and frog

So after all the events and fun, Halloween was quite a success! We had a few trick or treaters after we got home so that certainly completed the whole experience! Oh wait, after I ate a peanut butter cup from Ben’s stash, then I felt complete. Those are my favorite! : )

In other news Gavin had his first pureed peas on Monday night after cutting his first tooth on Sunday. Tim noticed it first. I figured if he was old enough to get a tooth he was old enough to consume something else beside breastmilk and cereal! He made a funnier face the second night I gave it to him than the first, but has taken to it just fine. Tomorrow we will try sweet potatoes! Yippee! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


  1. Those guys are adorable! I could certainly relate to the peanut butter cup experience. I bought a bag, knowing that we get only a very few kids stopping by. Now I have dessert for a several days.