Christmas was good… as you can see.

I’m sitting here with a nasty cold, I think.

I’ve been a little sick over the holidays and I’m guessing that the fact that I have not formally exercised AND have not been eating an ideal diet lately (oh my Mother’s Christmas treats are so good…) are probably not helping.

Wait. I KNOW they are not helping. And my right nostril has not been fully functional for days which is just down right annoying! Too bad I got rid of that “neti pot” thingy they gave away at Blogher this year, right Jen? ha ha!

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how I feel physically because my heart is so full.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with the family in Austin (never mind Christmas mass, I won’t even go there, but let’s just say mass after your 3 young children JUST opened their Christmas presents? NOTAGOODIDEA!!).

And when we returned home Monday night I ate some soup, got a few things squared away and then made myself one with my bed.  And my wonderful husband made dinner, bathed the kids, went to the grocery store AND did laundry.  All while I rested and slept.  Yeah, he pretty much rocks.

I am blessed.  But we all knew that already.

I am looking forward to the new year… resolving to eat better again and of course getting my bootie back on the treadmill.

I have a couple of challenges for 2012 that I am considering… I’ll fill you in later.

For now, pics from our holiday.

I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as I did…

We celebrated with everyone on Christmas Eve…

I quite love this one… and these precious kids of mine… :)
My parents’ ELEVEN grandchildren
In the midst of our “white elephant” gift exchange

Putting baby Jesus in the manger

Someone has post-Christmas treat face…

My parents before leaving for Midnight mass
Then, Christmas Day…


  1. So sorry to hear you’re not well. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas – great pictures!

  2. LOVE your pics. Feel better!

  3. Beautiful memories, you!

    {And feel better soon!}


  4. I love K’s red sweater!

    Also, I got sick too. Upper resp infection. And my BIL had to be hospitalized due to pneumonia! And I swear almost every female blogger I “know” was or is sick. Weird.

    I admire you for being willing to travel at Christmas. We have said we will not go anywhere Christmas Eve/morning while the kids are still little. I’m not willing to be Santa on the road. Rather Scrooge-ish I know.

    Our Mass experience on Christmas Eve was fairly awful too, and it had nothing to do with presents. I didn’t make Lily nap, thinking she would fall asleep at Mass. Mass was at 4:00, but we had to get there at 3:00 to have seats. 8 of us crammed onto 4ish chairs. T ended up in the van with Benjamin and Lily just made me crazy. I was not spreading Christmas cheer, for sure.

    But in the end we had a pleasant weekend. Feel better!

  5. Looks like a beautiful Christmas full of memories (particularly mass – you will likely be laughing about that one for years).

    Hope the cold is kicked to the curb ASAP so you can enjoy New Year’s.

    (thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog – you are so sweet and it is so nice that you took the time to make them xoxoxxoxo)

  6. Sure hope you’re feeling better soon.

    That right nostril thing? I get it. I just cleared up about 3 days ago. No fun.

    But it looks like you had tons of fun at your folks! Great pics!!

  7. I got a cold over Christmas as well! What is the deal with that?

    These photos are beautiful!

    Your Christmas card arrived on Christmas Eve and helped to brighten my spirits even though I was feeling bad.


  8. I’m glad you had such a great time with your family, even if you did eat a lot of sweets. πŸ˜‰ I love the grandchildren picture! We don’t have and will never have that big of a group.

  9. Sure does look like a wonderful Christmas. Glad you were able to spend it with so much family.

  10. Elaine, you have the sweetest family! Love all the pics – glad you a nice family holiday. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Love love love these pictures, E! Almost as much as I loved our coffee together. And definitely more than our adventure in getting to coffee. Mwah!

  12. Love your Christmas pictures. Your children are beautiful.
    Aunt Jo Ann

  13. Beautiful family photos!!! Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Hope you feel better soon πŸ˜‰