WordPress, Elaine.

Elaine, WordPress.

Yes, we’ve just been introduced, so please bear with me while I figure this out, k?

So… WHAT DO Y’ALL THINK of the new place?

I am pretty much in love with my new design, I have to say.

Thank you so VERY much to Krysytn from Krizzy Designs for moving all my stuff over and for helping my new blog design dreams come true.

And when I say helping I mean doing ALL the awesome background work to well… make it work!  If  you ever need someone to re-do your site she is your girl!


I will admit, big change is not really my thing.  Everything over here looks different.  But then, that can be a good thing too.  While it is all new to me of course some things are the same and similar thank goodness.


So yes, I’m embarking on this new blog journey but of course it is still ME, right here, writing, taking photographs and raising these great kids.  So take a look around and tell me what you think.

I hope you all love it as much as I do!

And thanks to everyone who has already made such great comments!



  1. Ooh so fresh and so clean! Love it!

  2. Looking soooo good. Bright, crisp, pretty. Love it here!

  3. Love, love, love it!! The colors make me happy.
    It’s so you, Elaine!! :)

  4. I absolutely love this!!! Looks so good!! :)

  5. It looks great! Krystyn is so talented!

  6. It’s wonderful, it’s beautiful and whimsical… Just like you.

    It’s perfect.


  7. Oh, I love love love your new look! So pretty and lovely! Congrats! Perfection!

  8. I love love love it! It’s so clean and strelamlined and white. I loooove white.

  9. I love everything about it. There is not one thing I would change. So perfect!!

  10. I LOVE it!! It’s so very you. I love that it made me smile the moment I saw it. xo

  11. I love it! And WordPress is my best friend too. Getting off of blogger? No regrets.

  12. It looks fantastic! Very clean and inviting. Love it!

  13. Congrats on the fabulous new design and migration!

    I’m hoping to finish my Blogger-to-Wordpress migration this week – it’s only taken me 2+ years, so what’s a few more days.

  14. It’s lovely!

  15. I feel invited to sit a spell. And have lemonade. Where’s my lemonade?

  16. Adore it!! :))))

  17. I like it a lot! Isn’t getting a new design fun? Well, frustrating and fun? (: Enjoy WordPress. I LOVE it!!

  18. Yay for you! It looks fabulous!!

  19. I LOVE it! Let me know if you need some tutorials. I have some great EASY links I can send your way!
    Welcome to WP!

  20. I love the makeover!

  21. Gorgeous new look! So fresh!

  22. looks great! been wondering whether to bite the bullet and make a change myself. was it expensive?

  23. I love it! It’s bright and cheerful and YOU.

  24. Hooray! So pretty. And you used my most favoritest blog designer EVER! Go Elaine!

  25. Welcome to WP! Looks fabulous mama!! xo

  26. Love your new look! I just made the switch not so long ago – it takes a bit of getting use to – but it’s all good!

  27. I LOVE IT! It is awesome!

  28. Lookie loo AT YOUR NEW HOME!! It’s gorgeous. Enjoy the purtiness! It’s like getting all dolled up or redoing a room- you can’t stop checking it/yourself out. :)

  29. As I told you before, I love the new look! I’m jealous.

  30. It looks fabulous! I just love it. It looks so happy and somehow soothing too. Does that make any sense?

    Krystyn rocks! She did a great job!

    I’m not big on change either. Really bad at it, actually. Even something like changing a blog is stressful to me. You should see when my husband insists I get a new phone (and I don’t even have a smart phone or anything). I’m crazy.

    Love the new blog! LOVE it! :)

  31. It looks great! One of these days I just need to make the jump

  32. It looks gorgeous! I moved to self hosted WordPress back in May and have had no complaints! Enjoy your new home!

  33. It looks FANTABULOUS! Love the colors and the new design! Welcome to WordPress. You will love it here! :)-Ashley

  34. Quite honestly, I can’t even remember what my blog design looks like so I don’t really recall what your site looked like before. BUT I can tell you that I LOVE the new design. It’s pretty fabulous.

  35. YAY for wordpress!

    I love the sunny yellow.

  36. It looks amazing!! Simple…. clean…. fun!

  37. Coming here made me feel happy instantly. It’s so bright and cheery. There’s nothing like a new look to make you feel renewed and refreshed. Love the picture of the kids holding hands.

  38. I know I already told you this on the DL, but I’m in love with your new look — it’s SO you. the yellow is so inviting and warm, just like YOU! I can tell how happy you are in your new home. I’m so excited for you– CONGRATS, Elaine! xo

  39. Looks great! I love how fresh and clean it looks :)

  40. You already know that I love, love, LOVE it!
    Jennifer recently posted…Pumpkin Pie with PAM Cooking SprayMy Profile

  41. Oh! I was so surprised to click over and see this! I LOVE it!

  42. It looks great! WordPress is awesome — you’ll love it!
    Angella recently posted…Playing For KeepsMy Profile

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