Moments Captured – Me & K

In the morning, when I get K out of her crib, I kiss her face a bunch of times over and over and over again and call her by her nickname of the moment and hug her really tight.

It seems like every time, I’m love-struck by the fact that she is mine, that I have a daughter.

As I carry her to the breakfast table I smell the scents of her – her hair, her neck and sweet face.  I know she will not be like this for much longer, since I can feel in my heart how time has already passed so very quickly.

Not long ago she was my unexpected but most welcomed pink bundle.  And now she’s talking like a 4-year old and her blond hair has grown so long.

There are little moments all over the place that I wish I could box up and reopen someday, rewind and be taken back to these days, so precious and few, in comparison.

But instead I’ll just try to cherish them now, as best I can, even as they slip away…

Here we are in a rare (seems so lately anyway…) photo together.

Just one of those little moments in time, mommy and daughter, together…

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  1. I love that you got into this picture with your little girl!! Gorgeous, the both of you.

    Thank you for linking up with Memories Captured!

  2. So sweet. (You are both stunning.)

  3. Agh great picture of the two of you! I’m always taking the pictures, never in them anymore.

  4. What a beautiful picture to go with the beautiful post! Your little girl’s a cutie pie! :)

  5. So Beautiful! :)

  6. Great photo and wonderful memory of the 2 of you!

  7. That’s a great picture of you two.

    Loves dessert…me too!

  8. awww… it’s like looking at you and a mini version of you, Elaine!

    I agree with you… they do grow up too fast for our liking don’t they? I feel exactly the same way towards my daughter… She just turned seven, my one and only…

    Great job capturing Katie’s 2 year-old self there, mama!

  9. Stunning!

    {Both of you!}

    And the mother-dauther love? Equally stunning!


  10. Swooning over this picture of the two of you.

  11. Great picture! Very sweet memories of the two of you :)

  12. Just gorgeous, yesterday i held a girlfriends little one – her very surprise baby … and was just a little jealous 😉

  13. Great picture of the two of you!
    Time does go by too quick!
    I keep trying to cherish every second.

  14. I love that you wrote about you! What a great idea! The picture you selected is lovely.

  15. Beautiful post. Cracking up at ‘a bit bossy.’

  16. Awww…THAT is precious! I’m not sure who is cuter!!

  17. So cute! Nothing like pics with our princesses! BEAUTIFUL!

  18. Great job!

  19. There are so many things I love about this post and this picture. But one of my favorites? The fact you identify yourself on the pictures as “a runner”. That’s one aspect of you that hasn’t been as obvious as the other adjectives. ((hugs)) to you, my friend.

  20. Love that picture!

    I went upstairs just a little while ago, and the girls are at school, and I could totally smell them. Each separately. Each having their own smells and I loved it.

  21. She is so precious. I remember when my Big Girl was that size. So much to snuggle with. So much to miss now that she is bigger.

  22. Awe love that! So fun to have you in the picture too.
    And this post is just so sweet.

    How did your race go???

  23. you are both beautiful and sweet :) I love that you posted a picture of the two of you and listed things about yourself along with things about her.

  24. I’m also amazed at how fast time has passed. It makes me a bit sad. I know there are many many more adventures, but I guess I am just enjoying it all so much now!

  25. oooh how I love this, look at that gorgeous picture of the two of you and the words that make it so!!!

    you are such a pretty mommy and you have one GORGEOUS daughter.

  26. That’s a great picture and I’m sobbing after reading this. Beautiful.

  27. What a lovely photo of you two! And I feel the same way about how quickly time has passed with my little G. Your words are beautiful and really hit home for me!

  28. I love the “I got bangs” portion. Such a cute pic.

  29. Awww my heart is melting reading your words and that picture is just priceless. I feel bittersweet since my baby is no longer a baby so yes I can relate to every words you said here.

  30. This is FABULOUS! I love how you split the wording down the sides for each of you. Fantastic. It’s so sweet. Love love love!

  31. Great picture of you and your girl! I’m trying to savor all these special moments with my third baby, too – since I think he’s my last.

  32. Such a sweet pic of you two!

  33. What a great photo of the two of you, and I love that you captioned it for the both!

  34. this is the first one I’ve seen with the mommy!
    I love it…she’s a doll

  35. I want a pause button!! Beautiful!

  36. Love that picture! And your morning routine is precious :)

  37. All about shoes! I love that.

    I like that you used a picture of you two and that you captioned yourself as well!

  38. great photo! love “a bit bossy”. hehe the placement of it is perfect with the look on her face. :)

  39. She’s gorgeous!!! Love all the tags!! Do cherish every moment. I was talking with my “baby girls” last night and felt a stab in my heart because they are both adults now and taller than I am. :( Sigh. Very happy that I found you on the memories captured linky!

  40. What a great picture!! I love when I can get a good shot with either of my kids. This is just perfect :)

  41. Such lovely words!

  42. Your post could have come word for word from my heart. They are growing up so fast! I have to try to actually get a picture with me and my baby girl soon!