I’m Already Home…

I wrote this on the plane on my way to BlogHer ’11 on Thursday morning.  I’m publishing it now because I love it and because I do not currently have the energy to post any recaps of my experience yet.  I’m both physically and emotionally drained.  Pacific time will do that to a girl, yo. 

Little G rode to the airport with Tim and me this morning, my other two babies still asleep when we left. He was so happy with himself, smiling the whole way, feeling privileged to be the only rider on this early morning jaunt.

As I exited the car I brushed his sweet face lightly with my palm and gave him three kisses, one for him and one each to pass on to his brother ans sister.  I’m guessing he kept them all for himself. He whined a little as I said, “bye bye baby, I love you,” and turned to go, grabbing a little piece of my Mommy heart to take with him.

The night before I spent extra time hugging them all and rocking in the cozy chair in K’s room with her lying in my lap.  I breathed in the scent of her freshly washed hair and took out her paci so I could plant a kiss on her baby soft lips.  I sat right there with her but somehow began to miss her already, in that same moment.

The B Man wanted to come with me but I told him “not this time, buddy” and that I would see him in a few days.  I hugged his long body, now way too big to actually fit on any lap of mine.  I kissed him once for each day I would be missing from his little boy life and promised to bring surprises upon my return.

It’s amazing to me the fierce tug on my heart when I leave them.  It’s as if I’m leaving behind a part of my soul and I guess in a way, I am.   They are most certainly each a huge part of me.  Of who I am now and continue to become.

But for these few days I go off to share a piece of my soul with some people who have become a part of my life too.  I go to recharge and refresh who I am so that I can be better for all of us.

See you soon my babies  I love you.

I am now home safe and so happy to be reunited with my babies and my hubby… 

p.s. when does school start? ;P


  1. Beautiful Elaine! I am feeling the same way as we get ready to head to CA next week. I am so looking forward to some time with Travis on our own, but I’m already missing my kids too. Especially Benjamin.

  2. I love going away but the best thing about going away is coming home.

  3. You put that so very eloquently. When I leave them, I’m leaving behind part of myself. But sometimes leaving and doing something for ourselves makes us even better for them, right?

    And coming home hugs and smooches are the best.

  4. Glad you had fun at BlogHer, but I understand missing the littles! It is good to have some mommy time off though! I hope you were able to re-charge your batteries even if the tirip left you more exhausted!

  5. Coming home is the best. Bud fell asleep when David picked him up from my Mom’s. When he saw me he climbed right up in my arms for a hug (he’s a Daddy boy). I asked if he wanted to sit with me or Daddy. “Chu Momma.” My heart melted and I was never so glad to be back home.

  6. This is so sweet ! I hope you enjoyed yourself at BlogHer.

  7. Leaving is hard, but once you get to your destination its good. Coming home is great, then they open their mouths and start fighting, compaining, whining or a combination of all three and you’re ready to leave again.

    It’s the circle of the motherhood life!

    Glad you had such a good time at BlogHer11. Can’t wait to read your recap!

  8. Such a beautiful post.
    Meeting you was such a highlight of my BlogHer experience. :)

  9. So sweet! I’m glad you went and had a great time!

  10. So glad you had a good recharging time and now you are home! I can’t wait to hear all about it! So wish I could have been there. Also wish we had a re-do of Mom 2.0 so I could see you more!


  11. Sweet, sweet post.

  12. The p.s. made me laugh. I know what you mean – I find it hard being away from my kids, even if just for a night. I’m suspecting it was worth it though? 😉

  13. This is so very beautiful. A piece of your heart. I’m so glad that you published this- it’s gorgeous. XO

  14. I’m so glad you had the opportunity to go and to be so happy to come home! :)