I took a lot of pictures last year…

I mean A. LOT!!!

The number is definitely in the thousands but I’m not sure how many exactly. It’s hard to sift through that many photos and choose favorites but I did it anyway (narrowing it down by choosing ones that I already had in a folder for the ole blog here…)

I also updated my 365 photo blog today after neglecting it for nearly a month and half and I only got to day 357. I’m REALLY not sure how that happened and I did miss quite a few days but I’m still really glad that I took on the project. I don’t think I’m going to try to keep up with it this year though. Think I’ll just take pics when I feel like it.

So, here is a collage of just a smattering of some of my favorite photos from our 2010.

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And here is my favorite photo taken so far this year.

Me and my father on his birthday today (yes, New Year’s Day!). I love this photo so much. Thank God for our cameras, right?



  1. Happy Birthday, Elaine! That’s a lovely photo of you and your Dad :-)

  2. I use Smilebox, too! Lovely photo of you and your father.

  3. First of all Elaine, you look gorgeous. And I love this pic of you and your dad. The sweetest.

  4. Yes, thank god. I can’t imagine I would have half the memories without it! Happy new year.

  5. Isn’t is awesome to have so many wonderful memories captured forever?! You have such a lovely family. and you are brave…I didn’t let myself go through the years photos, becasue I’d still be sitting here and sifting thru them even if I started NYE! ;o)

  6. That is a beautiful and perfect picture, Elaine. And looks you had a wonderful year! I hope 2011 is filled with just as many pictures and memories! xo