I Think We’ll Call Him Shaggy

I was out on the screened-in porch earlier tonight with the kids enjoying the lovely weather we are having lately and letting the kids play a bit before bedtime.

Tim was laid up today with some sort of stomach thing all day and barely made it out of our bedroom.  So, outside time was GOOD.  For all of us.

Anyway, not .35 minutes into our porch time the two littles started fighting over (pushing, pinching, you know the drill) the plastic fish ride-on toy when thankfully, I looked to my right and saw it.

THE horse.

The one I bought MANY years ago at some “antique/second-hand” place.  The same one that my husband has had to move every time we’ve well, moved, always moaning and groaning about it and wanting to get rid of it each time we were loading stuff up.  Fortunately I always said No!

Frankly, it is kinda ugly.  I mean it’s covered in shag carpet for goodness sakes.

But, after clearing off the cobwebs some little person I know found it QUITE exciting and even cried when I took her off of her “shaggy” steed, exclaiming, “I sit, I sit!!”

I told him that horse would be put to good use some day.

Geez. Men and their need to get rid of stuff.  Good thing he has me to set him straight.

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  1. Very cute photos. I think the shaggy horse is very awesome :) And our little girl just gets cuter all the time lol.

  2. Don’t you ever let go of that horse? That’s a wonderful shaggy friend, and she obviously loves him!

  3. I think the horse is charming! And of course, the little girl on the horse is a mega cutie-pie, too! :)

  4. Love the shaggy horse! That’s gonna be a toy that little girl remembers when she’s all grown up :)

  5. Awwww…SO CUTE!

    My husband is always trying to purge, too. Like the time he got rid of the potty when I was PREGNANT with Emily. Dudes, man. :)

  6. Looks like “Shaggy” may be getting a lot of play time.

  7. I think it is quirky and fun! Glad you kept it!

  8. Love the shaggy horse! And she looks happy as can be that you kept it.

  9. It is adorable! And those shots of K, dang, they inspire me to dust off my camera and get at it!

    She is so dang cute!

  10. They look so happy together!

  11. Good gracious! How cute is she with her little binky on that horse?? LOVE IT!!