I made her a skirt…

During K’s last real crib nap on Saturday (yeah, the big girl bed and big girl naps do NOT go hand-in-hand so far…) I mustered up the courage to use my sewing machine again.
MONTHS ago I pinned an easy skirt idea and bought the supplies and everything. But I had a few problems with my brand new machine can you say user error? and was a little hesitant to try again.
But thankfully the stars and seams aligned (!) and I channeled just a bit of the sewing abilities of her and her (I do admire them so!) and I was able to make a skirt for K in just a couple of hours (with interruptions from a couple of certain boys wanting snacks, etc.)
I may even be brave enough to make another one (or three).
I mean after all, it’s perfect for scooter-ing and dancing in the yard… :)

On Katie Kay:
Top: Tea
Skirt: handmade by ME!
Shoes: hand-me-downs, Payless brand
Hair flower: Etsy – BriarClaire
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  1. The pic on the little pink scooter?? AWESOME!

    That skirt is precious…you did a great job!

  2. So cute. I love her pure joy!

  3. Adorable skirt, and well done!!!

  4. Love it. And it is perfect for all things little girly. I do hear that going to the fabric store is addicting though.

  5. Great job! I’m impressed! I can hardly thread a needle. šŸ˜‰ I love the fabric you chose!

  6. I love it! It’s adorable as is she. :) And I am so not crafty in any way so this is HUGE to me!

  7. beautiful! job well done šŸ˜‰

  8. It’s so cute. what kind of fabric did you use, all cotton?

  9. Oh my I love that skirt! I am cutting a pattern out for a cape for my daughter and I am scared but still cutting. We shall see!

  10. LOVE it … girly skirts are the best!

  11. your skit, her skirt, who ever gets to “claim” it, is perfect! love that it is a bit long so it will grow with her.

  12. Good job! The key to sewing is to just practicing.

  13. It’s ADORABLE!!

    You did such great job!!

  14. Very cute! You did a good job.

  15. It looks great! I wish I could sew!


  16. So darling! And she obviously loves it!

  17. Love the skirt – great job. And I have to say what a fabulous name your blog has. I love it!

  18. So cute & look how happy she is!!!

  19. What a great little skirt! Nice job! She is just too cute.

  20. super cute skirt!! I’ll have to give some skirt making a try :)

  21. Great job!!
    I think you could sell them!!
    The pictures of her are adorable.

  22. It is a nice sense of accomplishment when you finish isn’t it?! I have so many projects that I need to get to. Why don’t I have an extra day where I can be alone each week! Imagine what we could get done!