I Love it so much I should marry it.

I have professed my love for Instagram on here before.  It really is awesome.  And I might be just a tad a lot addicted.

Sadly, I do think know my “big” camera gets ignored somewhat because of it but… oh well.

Here are some of my favorite phone photos from the past month or so.

click to enlarge

1. The bridge at the zoo – the little specks of color are my kids 2. Feeding the birds with their Great Grandfather while in TX. 3. St. John’s Cathedral 4. A foggy morning by the soccer fields 5. Model Katie in downtown. 6. A fall-ish tree outside the building where I voted. 7. Katie’s 1st SB hot chocolate. 8. At my church choir practice. 9. Cute tights. 10. a new coffee mug I love. 11. PB crackers for after school snack 12. Gav in the backyard at dusk. 13. Katie’s shoes she took off while playing. 14. Peeking on the play equipment at school. 15. A pretty leaf. 16. A local shopping area with pretty sidewalks and walls. 

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  1. You know I’m hopelessly addicted! Your pictures are just gorgeous. How do you make crackers look like a work of art? You have a gift, my friend. Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. I know just what you are saying : ) I love instagram also!
    I think you and instagram would make a very, very happy couple!

  3. I am definitely addicted to Instagram and my nice pretty DSLR sits in the corner collecting dust because I’m just taking pictures on my phone! Love your photos. They are great!

  4. Nice photos. :)

  5. Starting the babe on Starbucks already…
    It’s ok.
    I have mine hooked on those ginger molasses cookies that cost me my house.

  6. I love instagram. The picture of the bridge is so pretty.

  7. LOVE Instagr-am! I hardly use my big camera these days, unless I make it a point to. I wish I took pictures as nice as yours though.

  8. Pretty, pretty pictures! I love how you made this huge collage. Skills woman.

  9. Totally addicted, too. Of course, like 70% of mine are my kiddos! I still need to make an October collage…

  10. Cute pics, but sad to say the one which really caught my eye was the peanut butter on the Ritz Crackers. Maybe I’ll have that for dinner?

  11. All great shots.

  12. Oh gorgeous! You have such a great eye, mama! Love the little shoes <3 And opf course your GORGEOUS babies!!