i heart faces – yellow

The B Man picked this flower for me on Mother’s Day.  
Isn’t he sweet? 

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  1. So sweet even more so because a boy is holding it!

  2. Awesome! So sweet and a great picture.

  3. That is THE perfect Mother’s Day photo….and such a gorgeous yellow flower….

  4. A total sweetie!

    And WOW what a great shot! :)

  5. Great photo. And at least that is a pretty flower. My kids usually pick weeds for me.

  6. Beautiful! Love the shallow depth of field. And the story is precious!

  7. Awww, my little boy brought me a flower yesterday and it made my whole day. Well, actually it was a weed…but a flowering one, so it looked pretty.

  8. That is preciously perfect!


  10. Wow…this was great Elaine!!

  11. Love those boy hands! Nice photo!

  12. Love the yellow!! Great picture!

  13. Love the perspective. Great job!

  14. It is beautiful. My little one brings me home flowers she picked earlier in the day and “saved” in her pocket!

  15. Very nice.. great shot!

  16. He certainly knows the way to his Mommy’s heart ^_^

  17. Very sweet photo! Perfect for the yellow theme!