I Heart Faces – No Flash

I took this picture of Little G while at the arboretum a couple of weeks ago. He’s inside a playhouse but next to a window and I love the way the light shines in his eyes and on his hair and skin. Not to mention that sweet smile just melts me everytime. No wonder he gets away with so much.

This is my entry this week for at i heart faces for the kids “no flash” category. Hop on over there and see the other entries.



  1. Spectacular Elaine, nice shot!

  2. Cute, Cute, cute!! Good job on the picture taking skills!

  3. That was worth the wait! Never noticed the dimples before, what a beautiful by and I’m not just saying that because you sort of made me 😡

  4. Wow I think he totally looks like you! I think it’s the smile and the dimples. How Little G! Great picture you took for Mommy!

  5. So cute!

  6. This is wonderful. His hair is amazing in the natural light. What a great little smile.

  7. What a cutie! That face certainly has the “I can melt mom’s heart whenever I want” look!

  8. What a doll!!

  9. thanks for popping over at my blog…love your pic! the light looks great with his cute smile!

  10. What an adorable little man you have there! LOVE the light in his eyes!!

  11. This is perfection! Very sweet!

  12. Great capture! I love candid shots best.

  13. Very nice! What a cutie. I love how the light is highlighting his face with the darker shadows behind him.

  14. That is a great one! I love that little face!

  15. Oh my! What a cutie patootie!!! Can I just give him a sugar??? lol… Great pic Elaine!

  16. GAH! That sweet smile really is too much. Yep, he knows how to work it.

  17. Yep, he’s definitely a cutie!

  18. He is just precious!!!

  19. Cute! Love the smile!

    Cool blog name, and of course, congratulations on the new little one….and your new found friendship with elastic ;D

  20. I love how the background is dark and just his sweet little face is in the light! Great picture!

  21. What a gorgeous photo! Wow! Little cutie.

    No flash always looks best to me. :)

  22. Wow he is so cute! That hair, eyes and dimples . . . just perfect! Love the lighting too :-)

  23. Absolutely adorable!

  24. That is a great smile! The lighting really frames the cheer on his face.

  25. Ooooh … there are lots of people who would pay good money for such great lighting …

  26. I know I twittered bout this…but this is a great pic :) Love his smile!

  27. Such a handsome little guy! I just love his smile. Very nice photo!

  28. What a cutie!!!