How my mind works

I like dessert.

I just do.

I grew up in a house where a Dutch apple pie on a random Wednesday was common place.  My mother loves to bake and we like to eat what she bakes, so while I was growing up we pretty much always had a “treat” after dinner. (although how that makes it a “treat”, I’m not sure…)

And apparently that part of her DNA is strong in me.  I am the Luke Skywalker to her Darth Vader except we like each other and I know she is my mother and we use cupcakes as weapons instead of light sabers. In a loving way.

But anyway…

So, the other night I was like, “Elaine, you should totally bake some cookies but not the same chocolate chip ones you always make.  Peanut butter ones sound good but you could still add chocolate chips because you love chocolate.  Ooh Ooh!!  I think you have milk chocolate chips in the pantry, those would be great in them!  Okay, go check Pinterest and see if you can find a good recipe…. Oh yeah, those look good, and easy and you have all the ingredients except for PB chips but you don’t need those, just more chocolate.  Okay, go get the butter out of the fridge so it can soften…”

And yes, I DO talk to myself in first person.  Don’t you?

So yeah, I made the cookies and they were delish and the kids had one or two right before bed (I’m such an awesome Mom) and I may have eaten a few myself, yada, yada, yada.

Of course all the while the little “you’re not running right now or doing too much exercise at all and you really shouldn’t be making cookies” angel was on my other shoulder all pissed off that I was baking AGAIN.

But food is just so damn good and well, sh!t.  I gotta eat.

p.s. here’s the recipe I used in case the little devil on your other shoulder wins out too.


  1. You know me and cookies. I’m practically the devil on my own shoulder (and other people’s).

    Now I’m off to make our favorite sea salt chocolate cookies……

  2. Hahaha! I gained 5 pounds the month after my new mixer graced my kitchen. Peanut butter chocolate chip are my favorite!

  3. My mind works this way, too! #SistersFromADifferentMister

    Love you!

  4. Oh…now that my son is in school, I can eat without having someone ask for a bite. Lots of baking is in my future. Lots.

  5. I hear ya! Sometimes I wish food was just not so damn tasty because it’s good and I have to eat it.

  6. Love the whole post. Especially the Star Wars part. 😉 Those cookies look amazing. I might make some for the next tailgate.

  7. Your whole post sounds vaguely familiar. You’re in good company here! :) (Except I don’t usually have the ingredients that I need, but an extra trip to the grocery store is ALWAYS worth it.)

  8. Oh this all sounds so familiar. I keep telling the hubs that he needs to stop making such yummy dinners & I will lose weight. I diet all day- he makes great dinners, I eat too much. Then they all want dessert- I make it & then TOTALLY BLOW IT & have some. It’s such a vicious cycle. Pinterst isn’t helping either.

  9. Yum!! I love to bake as well :-)

  10. Those look incredible!!


  11. I am always looking for a good pb cookie recipe. I can never find one. I don’t like them too dry or too crispy. I like the edges crispy and the center chewy and I want a BIG pb taste. Either way, those cookies LOOK delicious! Yum!
    And HELL YES have some cookies. I say you stuff a cookie in that angel’s face to shut her up. :)