“Her is Big Now”

We gathered on the “L”-shaped sofa, the five of us.  Earlier that day we declared it family movie night and just minutes before we all settled down, we scrambled around our cozy, lived-in house, grabbing the right sized jammies for everyone, from the little to the big, and clothed ourselves in our comfiest of things.  Flannel and knit and long sleeves and short.

I sat next to Ben, who chose his fluffy robe and his favorite blanket with his name, it was his for sure.  But he let me borrow a corner for my chilly feet. On the other end was my man, snuggling our cute Gavin, his arm around his arm. Father and son.  And on my other side, smack in the middle, was my little K, who sat RIGHT next to me with her cute, small feet crossed at the ankles, anticipating what we were about to watch.

And then we began the movie, BRAVE.

K stood up for a second as “Merida” changed to a young lady right before our eyes and I saw it too, my little girl, changing before MY eyes, there next to me in underwear instead of a diaper.

Katie exclaimed, “Her is big now!!”

And my mother mind thought – “yes, she is… and so are you…”

And just like that my baby is a big girl, wearing “princess” underwear.

I keep having flashes of when she was a baby.  These little light bulbs go off over and over in my head, of her so tiny, my baby.

But those days are over now.  Gone.

And, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about almost being DONE with diapers. (Oh no, I am not!) And I am excited about the fact that “family movie night” is a real thing now, with our family of five.

But still.

No matter what, some part of me still mourns for those baby days that lasted such a short, short time.

I simply blinked, and they were gone…


  1. Oh stop! No! Freeze time!

  2. Oh I look forward to family movie night! What fun for all of you! She’s so stinkin’ cute. And I’m really happy you’re almost finished with diapers!

  3. Oh yes, that is why we have to treasure every NOW. They grow up soooo fast! My son is 17 almost 18 and I cannot believe how FASSSSt the years went. We like looking through the scrapbooks and reading my diaries when he was small and watching the DVDs. I am aware that one day he will be a man and leave and live his own dreams! I have to savor NOW. Patsy from

  4. We watched that movie this weekend too. I didn’t have the same reaction/feelings as you though.

    It’s hard for me to watch Buster growing up. I can only imagine how hard it will be when this baby comes, to watch him grow up. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it.

  5. Those moments when you are all together doing something so perfect and simple is what family is all about. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment.

  6. It goes by so quick doesn’t it?

  7. I feel like I blink and my kids have grown another inch….

  8. Gah father time. He’s a jerk.
    I love the movie Brave by the way. I took the Chunky to see it in the theater. I think I may have liked it better than he did.

  9. I wish for a time machine just so that I could go back and revisit those times when they were babies. Just for a moment. That’s all I want. One moment to hold them again.

  10. I hear you. James has gotten so, so tall since the start of summer, and I look at his long, lanky legs and think “but you’re supposed to be a baby.”

  11. Such a sweet post. It’s crazy how time flies.

  12. Her is very, very big. xoxo

  13. This is beautiful, girl.

    (And I know that kind of rightbeforeyoureyes. It’s something else, isn’t it?)


  14. OH, I know. :( *sniff, sniff*

    Brave is an excellent movie. I actually bought it this weekend and we watched it 3 times (and we saw it when it was in the theater). So good. :)

  15. SHe is the cutest freakin’ thing and i can’t believe how big she is already. it seems like you were just having her yesterday!!!! i can’t wait for piper to be out of diapers, though—so i know what you mean!

    beautiful post, friend! xoxoxoox