“Head Case”

Well, we had Gavin’s 2 month check up this morning (including 4 shots – oh how I hate watching that!) and he weighs 11 pounds 2 ounces and (a gain of 3 pounds in 1 month!). He’s doing really well except for one little bugaboo – an issue with his head formation. Pretty much since birth, he has only turned his head to the right (his right) and it is causing his head to form incorrectly. It’s flat on the back where he always lays and is not forming correctly on the opposite front side either, as it is not filling out as well as the other side. So… we have to start with physical therapy, probably next week, to make him turn his head the other way and if that doesn’t fix the issue he may have to wear one of those kind of funny looking helmets for while to get things corrected. I was feeling guilty for not “catching” it myself but as the pediatrician said, it’s his job to catch something like that since he’s the doc! Anyway, please just pray that it easily works itself out.

Today was Tim’s 33rd birthday and despite the stress of the day (for both of us) I managed to make him a cake and Ben was again most happy that it was someone’s birthday (mostly for the cake part) and did a stellar job of singing “Happy Birthday.” Unfortunately the top layer of the cake split open for some unknown reason (sorry, no picture) and so it was deemed the “San Andreas” cake! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to my sweet Tim!


  1. Hey Girl! Don’t let this get you down, it’s very common. My nephew went through it too. Happy Birthday Tim!!! I still gotcha by a year, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the 30’s! Elaine, aren’t you 30 this year? I can’t remember, I just know you’re younger than me! Love y’all