He Loves Him, But HE Loves Him NOT!

On Saturday morning we headed out to honor one of our family Christmas traditions. Every year we like to visit the Galleria mall in Dallas because we love the ice skating rink, the huge tree and well… their particular Man in Red.

See we (the hubs and I) aren’t “waiters.” We don’t like to wait. And honestly, I don’t know if I have one patient bone in my body (thanks for that trait Daddy!) And if you get there early enough and find the little corner he’s in, our Mr. Claus is pretty easily accessible. I mean we waited maybe 15 minutes on Saturday morning (December 6th). I personally think that’s pretty good.

Anyway, here are some pictures and commentary from our trip to see THE jolly old elf and do a little shopping…

The GIANT tree. (this was also in my Weekly Winners post from yesterday).

The boys admiring the skaters and the lights on the tree (at certain times they blink in rhythm with the music!)

Waiting in line to talk to the BMOC (big man on campus)…

Oh yeah, he’s happy now but you just wait…

Santa and The B Man got along quite well as can be seen here…

And here…

(this picture was taken by Santa’s elves)

But Little G, well… he was another story entirely as can be seen here…

Classic, huh? Do you see his leg in motion?

We quickly extracted him from poor Santa’s lap (unlike the folks ahead of us who left their 1 yr old daughter on his lap long enough for several pictures while she kicked and screamed like CUH-RAZY!!). I felt so sorry for her. I am just not of the theory that you do that to your child. Can’t you tell? ; ) The best part was when her parents still bought the picture. I can only imagine what it looked like. I am sure they will laugh at it when she’s 16!

Anyway, for the most part it was a successful trip. I got to go into Sephora (love that store!), watch all the ladies in the mall with their scarves around their necks (I SO need a sassy scarf!) and the boys had a lot of fun (well you know except for that one moment with G and his horrible Santa experience!). Hope everyone else had a good weekend. What did you do?



  1. Those pix are the BEST. I bet Santa had a bruised leg!;)

    Okay. Talk about irony. I was in Dallas on Saturday for a formal party at the Omni Mandalay. Forgot my necklace, so ThatManILove and I ran into the Galleria and bought one at Zales.

    I took pix of the same tree.

  2. I love the pics! I live like 10 minutes from The Galleria… this makes me so excited to go home! I love Christmas time :)

  3. Oooh, I have heard stories about the Galleria!

    I am jealous that I do not live closer!

    LOVE all of the pics, they are awesome!

    Sorry that the little man didn’t like the big man quite so much.

    But glad you had a great time nonetheless!!!

  4. Wow, that tree is AWESOME! One day I wish for a winter Christmas so we can go ice skating around a Christmas tree instead of BBQ’ing around ours 😉

    That is a GREAT looking Santa Claus, too. Most of them don’t look that “real”. He does.

  5. Haah I’d rather he love me (as in you)… but that before Santa picture is too cute for words!

  6. That tree is awesome! I love it. I so wish I could go and watch the skaters.

  7. Ah. I feel sorry for SANTA! I wonder how many bruises that man has from being kicked in the shins?! lol

  8. LOL at Brittany’s comment! Very true!

    I agree, that is mean to do to a kid – but also funny! I know, I’m a mean mom. Good thing my kid loves the man in red. I haven’t been to the Galleria in years – you’re making me think it’s time for a trip!

  9. I’m happy you had fun–the shopping areas around here are so pretty at Christmas :)

  10. holy cow honey – that tree is HUGE!!

    loving the foot in action shot – poor guy!!

    we aren’t even trying the santa attempt this year – my dad was dressed as santa last weekend and she flipped. wanted nothing to do with him. so we are not even going to push it.

    but you can bet your you know what when she is 13 i am totally going to make her sit on santas lap!!

  11. I think I’m a scrooge. I avoid malls this time of year & I haven’t ever had a picture of Knute done with a Santa. Was the Galleria packed? I live so close to Stonebriar, I can’t remember the last time I was there.

  12. I only had one out of seven kids that liked Santa. They were very conditional. They liked his gifts, but were petrified of him.

  13. I don’t believe I will be getting a Santa picture of my 2 1/2 year old this year either. We tried the other day and it was horrible. Love the one of Little G with his fist in the air!

  14. Ha! We have one picture of each of the boys with the BMOC (I love that btw :) each when they are 6 months old. After that Santa would have needed security! There would have been kicking and screaming and who knows what else.

    We aren’t that mean!

  15. LOVE the classic Santa shot!

  16. That mall looks great. I am so jealous. And I love the photo – sorry there was such sadness but it is at least an honest photo! Just found your blog.

  17. Check that tree out!!! Wow – so cool! I’m LOL at the leg in motion shot, but it’s still WAY cute :-)

  18. I haven’t been to the Galleria in forever, I’m more of a Northpark girl, especially since it’s about 5 minutes away from my house!

    I’ve just realized, through your pictures, that those mall Santas must be like huge wrestlers in disguise. Who else can take all that beating and screaming from all those kids??? Poor man…

  19. Funny story! You should have shared it when you asked me about Santa :) Pretty sure that would be our experience right now too :)

  20. Oh my…that is priceless!

    Oh, I love Sephora too and the people at the Galleria always remind me how much I need to go shopping! :)

  21. We have a Galleria mall here in Houston with an ice skating rink in the middle and a huge, ginormous Christmas tree. At first, I thought that was a pic of our Galleria.

  22. Love the pictures of that tree. Oh yah and of course the boys too…

  23. I hope Santa was wearing a cup!
    I haven’t attempted the Santa at the mall in years. My almost 5 year old hated all people when he was small and is just starting to get over his fear of people dressed in costume. So not worth it.
    But those are cute shots you got, I am a little jealous.

  24. poor little guy – but that tree is gorgeous

  25. We still have to do Santa…I’m sure it will be much the same as your little guy!

    Great pictures of the tree and the boys (without Santa, of course)!

  26. Gavin is in good company because my picture of James and Kirstyn with Santa looks a lot like yours! Kirstyn is smiling and ignoring the fact that James is having a major melt down!

  27. Ha! Our Santa pics are a lot like that. My little guy has yet to sit on Santa’s lap and I’m pretty sure that Baby will have none of it this time round.

  28. The Santa pictures we got when Monkey was 1 don’t have him in them either – He was terrified. Cute picture of the B man, though!