Have Your Cake and Read It Too

I probably shouldn’t have had another piece.

Actually no… I just shouldn’t have, no “probably” about it.

But it was just a sliver… although mid-cut I decided I wanted a little more than a sliver and began to cut my piece at an angle, afterward gingerly gathering all the crumbs that landed as I changed my mind.  I believe in a “no cake left behind” philosophy.

How I came to have most of a carrot cake in my fridge is beside the point.  But I did. And it was my very favorite carrot cake so therefore resistance became futile.

With cake in hand, I returned to my chair and I sat there eating my “sliver” as I simultaneously devoured the words of a writer…

See, earlier that day I happened to pick up a book off of the floor, next to one of the bookshelves in our living room. A certain cute, little toddler I know found it amusing to relocate it and a few others…  As I went to place it back on the shelf I found the cover interesting and remembered hearing about the author.  And after purusing multiple glowing reviews of said book, within it’s first few pages, I decided it could be something for me.  For now.

By the time my children and over-worked and tired husband were all asleep and the house was still and quiet, I actually ignored the lure of my laptop and opened it’s pages.  What I found was something amazing.  Words that flowed and melded into sentences so well that they actually had me smiling with contentment at how fabulously they came together to tell the stories. 

Obviously I’ve read and enjoyed books before but for whatever reason(s) (kids, INTERNET, television, sleep) I have not made them a priority in my life as of late.  But as I tasted the cake in my mouth and felt the sugar dissolving into my taste buds, I began to remember also, how sweet books can be. 

How putting yourself somewhere else or in someone else’s shoes for a time anyway, can be a truly amazing thing.  Another form of escapism, as they say.  And yes, for a bit I found myself there with the author, telling the tales of his life while growing up.  I found myself quietly laughing at some of his anecdotes, while feeling a bit sorry for him all at the same time. 

I finished the cake before the book, although I finished it pretty quickly as well. 

I think I will see if I can make time for more books in my life.  I do enjoy “going away” for a bit, right here in the comfort of my own chair.  But I’m thinking that I probably shouldn’t start each one off with a “sliver” of cake…


  1. Elaine! This might be one of my most favourite posts by you! (Mind the bad grammar – it works for me right now.)
    I love reading. I’ve been a book worm since grade 1 when I learned to read as fast as I could because my best friend already knew how to read.

    (And I’m going to take that book out of the library as soon as I can!)

  2. WONDERFUL post! I too love my books.

  3. Since Christmas I have reading so, so much. I love it, but it gets to be expensive. I need to be going to the library more and downloading books to my Nook less.

  4. Lovely post! I haven’t read for a while either, though recently was given some novels, and am looking forward to getting back into reading. There’s nothing like getting into a good book. And if there’s cake, too, even better!

  5. I have a stack of books next to my bed, some started, some not.I wish for more time to read and escape into someone elses words…
    and cake while reading, a great choice! I had cheesecake while watching reality crap TV!

  6. That is a funny book. I have also spent too much time not reading lately. I am so easily distracted (especially with the ninja phone) these days. I love the escape into a good story though.

  7. I am an avid reader and love escaping! I am reading the Harry Potter series right now – LOVE it.

    There was a Harry Potter referene on Big Bang Theory last night and I was all excited when I got it. Jay thought I was loopy.


  8. I used to be an avid reader, but now, it’s just another thing that takes TIME! I’m trying to get back into it, though. I’ve made a lofty goal of 1 book a month in 2011.

    Ambitious, I know. : )

  9. I’m such a book lover. Blogs tend to take over though. But, I can justify ignoring my kids every once in a while to read a book since it’s modeling a love of reading. πŸ˜‰

  10. Reading is really important to me πŸ˜€

    I always make time for it. :)

    It keeps me sane.

  11. I haven’t read a book in sooo long, its kinda sad actually. Glad you had some time to enjoy it…and the cake. You’ve worked for both!

  12. Loved meeting you at blissdom today. Great post! Reading is something I also love, but tend to fail at making the time for. I should probably work on that. Wouldn’t mind eating some cake either….haha.

  13. Oh! You should not mention carrot cake to a pregnant woman. Now I NEED some!

    I go on reading binges. I will read like crazy and then not read for a while. I just read 6 books in a week. Guess it’s time to take a break and get stuff done.