The Halls are Decked, yo.

We’ve had our Christmas decorations out since the Sunday after Thanksgiving but today/tonight was the first time I really took a few photos.

I just love this time of year…

This first photo was inspired by my friend Jennifer’s own post today

And the rest?

Well, I just like taking photos.  But y’all know that already. :)

holiday bokeh party 2011


  1. Oh my, girl. Stunning. Truly. xo

  2. Beautiful photos!

  3. Love that tree!

  4. Wow, gorgeous tree!

  5. Beautiful!

    Now Jennifer’s AND yours makes mine look all simple and frumpy.

    But I’m ok with that. I love it anyway.

    And those babies of yours? Wow. What little dolls!

  6. I LOVE that first photo. It is gorgeous.

  7. I especially like the first and last shots. :) Visiting from the party.

  8. Beautiful shots. I love that first shot.

  9. Some really great photos, love that last one!!

  10. Awesome! I knew they would be though. I wish I could include the kids, but they are completely uncooperative.

  11. GORGEOUS!! not sure if its the decorations or the photography, but either way – WOW!

  12. Too cute, love the ‘Santa Rocks’ t, & the bokeh is beautiful! =)

  13. those are precious! and i love the name of your blog! :)

    thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment! really appreciate it!

  14. I love your tree! And the photos of your kids with the tree are so cute! Your mantle looks so pretty. I love the peace letters. Really beautiful decorations!

  15. These are gorgeous!! I love the one with the tree in the background and the church figurine up front.

  16. Love, love, love them all. but especially that first one. I’m going to pin it on Pinterest so I can remember to take one like it next year. (Alas, our Romanian tree is light-less this year.)

  17. Wow! Just wow. Everything looks so good and you captured them so well!

    Mine would be all blurry and all over the place.

  18. Wow! Those are amazing!!! Such great shots!

  19. The first picture is just stunning!! Your tree is stunning! Happy holidays!

  20. Such a beautiful glow in your photos! Great job capturing the feeling of the season. LOVE that first shot 😉

  21. Beautiful decorations Elaine- I especially love your mantle.

  22. wonderful photos and i love your christmas tree

  23. Beautiful pictures. Love your mantle.

  24. Your decorations are gorgeous! :)

  25. It really is so fun to have Christmas decorations up. It’s like getting all dressed up for a party, but it’s your home.

  26. Beautiful…LOVE the first one, so sweet.


  27. Wow, wow, wow, Elaine. These are so beautiful! They look like paintings, which means you should definitely display them. :)

  28. Beautiful!!!
    I love that first shot. I have one like that of all 4 kids sitting in front of the tree (with the dog) on our Christmas card. :)

  29. Your house is beautiful. As are your photos, as always :)

  30. Beautiful!!!

  31. I am completely blown away by how gorgeous everything in your house looks…those pictures are just the “ICING” on a gorgeous christmas for you.

    WOW!!!!!! xo

  32. Great Christmas photos!

  33. I love the pictures of your lit tree. And your children look so sweet.