Hair, Running and Pie – Random Much? – WW

I’m still getting used to my dark hair.

I like it and I think it looks pretty good but it’s just so. Different.

At least for me.

I changed my profile pic on FB and my avatar on twitter so most of you have already seen it.

But still. I wanted my Mom to see…

He he.

In other news, we are in Texas for the holiday.

We are staying with our good friends who also have two boys so it’s a kid-fest.

Yesterday I went for a run in the morning and the falling leaves were literally “fall”ing as I ran.

And you know I ran so that I can eat COPIOUS amounts of pie tomorrow, right? (and some “a la mode”)

Thanksgiving is slowly becoming my favorite holiday…

And just in case you may be wondering what I’m thankful for, it’s this.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday. I’m unplugging for a few days.

“See” you on the flip side and Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. That’s a great family picture! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. your hair looks fabulous!!

  3. Have fun and enjoy your pie.

  4. with all that running you deserve a nice big piece of pie…enjoy!!!
    dark hair looks great on you! the beauty of it is we can always change our color if we get tired of it!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family, Elaine! :) Love the new hair.

  6. to be honest i didn’t recognize you on twitter the other day :) but i love it!!

    happy thanksgiving.

  7. I did tell you yesterday how nice it was to see you, right?? And how GREAT you look?? Cuz you totally do. Have an awesome holiday with lots of pie and even more happy family time. So glad you’re happy with the pics…there are tons more too, we got lots!!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Love the hair and the family shot.

  9. So impressed at the running while on the road. Good job Elaine!

  10. Honestly, that hair colour suits you so much, I really really love it! I switched from blonde a few years back and now when I look back at pictures I cringe a bit – brown is the new blonde!

    LOVE the family photo!

    Have a fantastic Turkey Day in TX!

  11. I totally darkened my hair today too.

    Love your, BTW. :)

  12. That’s a fabulous family picture! We took our own infront of the tree yesterday and lets just say we won’t be sending out photo cards this year. Ha.

  13. I really really love the hair. Tis true.

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  14. Ooh I love the darker hair colour – it really suits you!

  15. Here you are running in preparation for the food you are going to eat. Me? I’ve been eating a lot so that my innards will expand and hold more Thanksgiving goodness! I think you may be on the right track.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by my blog this evening.

  16. I really like your hair…looks great with your skin color..Have fun in Texas and Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!! That’s a lovely picture of the fam. :-)