Guitars and Stripes and Birdies, Oh My!

I have a little confession, I love to shop.  I always have.  I used to shop for clothes (and shoes) just for myself for work and church and just for the fun of it.

But nowadays that has taken a back seat to shopping for my kids, and let’s face it, mostly for the little girl!

One of the places I love to find hip clothes at great prices for K (and the boys) is Old Navy.  I can walk in there thinking I am just going to buy myself a pair of jeans and then somehow I am lured to the back of the store and into the section with cool, striped polos and and cute little-girl skinny jeans and sandals and skirts and capris,etc., etc.

I went shopping the other day and found SO many cute Spring clothes for K.  I walked out with 4 bottoms and 4 tops and a pair of the cutest silver sandals.  Oh and a bonus shirt for G.  Because he likes guitars.  And he likes to pretend to rock out. Obviously. :)

I just could not resist the precious clothes for girls.  And I got so many great pieces that I can mix and match for K all Spring and Summer long. See?!  They make it super easy to coordinate the colors and patterns and I just adore that.

Plus, I was there during Old Navy’s Kids and Baby Sale going on until February 20th (don’t miss it!).  So many great deals on graphic tees ($5!) and shorts and cute dresses and well, pretty much all the kids stuff.  I probably could have bought one of everything.  But somehow I refrained. (it was really hard)

You really should check it out (hurry, RUN! or click fast online!) if you want your kids to look cute this season.  You know, it’s up to you… 😉

p.s. Old Navy, I love that bird top SO much and I REALLY, really want those coral, linen shorts in my size.  Can you please make that happen? Thanks, Love, ME.

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  1. I love the bird top too! So cute.

  2. I love the bird top too! So cute.

  3. I LOVE Old Navy. I get almost all of my clothes and the kids’ clothes there. So jealous of your shopping spree!

  4. I adore Old Navy! I can’t venture into the girls section yet, but their boy clothes? Adorable!

  5. My daughter has been on me to go shopping today on their holiday. I think we might have to head to Old Navy.

  6. The guitar tee is awesome! I love the stuff there, have shopped online for the kids many times.

  7. I was just there yesterday! Looks like our girls will be wearing a lot of the same super cute outfits :)

  8. Old Navy is awesome and affordable! Shorts and short sleeved??? I’m so jealous!

  9. I love that little swing top. So cute.

  10. You know I saw your tweet about the sale, which reminded me that I need to get an Easter outfit for Jackson… so I know have a cart load of ON boys clothes…

  11. LOVE what you bought!

  12. I have to be very careful about going into Old Navy – too much cute stuff and the kids’ clothes get me every time.

  13. Old navy is my favorite place to shop for the kids. They have so much adorable stuff that’s not too little kiddish. You made some great choices!

  14. Aaaah too adorable!

  15. I love Old Navy clothes for my youngest. They are so cute and girlie!

  16. $5…such a good deal. It’s a bummer they closed the one closest to my house! It’s really far now to get to.

  17. Aw – I feel like Old Navy has gotten way cuter than when I lived in the States.